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HOW TO REPORT A SCAM OR HACK, Format in reporting

report scam hack

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Please remember that it is your own responsibility to take care of your own account and items and no one elses (not even us) which is clearly stated in the MyRO Rules.

We will investigate the matter in our own free time.


DISCLAIMER : All hack/scam cases are on a "First Come, First Serve" basis. Please wait for your turn and do not flood reports or follow ups. An email reply will be sent to you when it is your turn. Always check your email as well as the SPAM folder of your email.


EMAIL these infos I need at myroserver@hotmail.com. Follow the proper format below:



1. Email Subject must be : HACK Report (your username) or SCAM Report (your char name)

2. The whole story right from the start. Include all info. Do not lie or it will eventually come out and worsen everything.

3. The username on where the lost/stolen/scammed items came from. (I dont get passwords!)

4. List of items that were lost by hacking or scamming. (Be accurate. I can only recover what I can find. If I cant find it in the logs then it means you dont have it.)

5. TIME and DATE all incidents happend, MyRO time (Philippines Time, +8 GMT). (Be as accurate as possible, this is very important)

6. Screenshot for proof. (Only if possible)


Answer everything above per number in your email.



NOTE: Be sure to tell the truth because we cannot return item(s) which we cannot find. If it's not in our logs then it means you dont have it.  We do NOT generate items to return. We only find them and return them whenever possible so reporting a self hack will get you nothing because we will just recover the items where you hid them. 


Do not report a self hack as this is only a waste of both our time and we will surely know because of IP range, login & logout behaviors and PC used plus proper sanctions will be given to all your accounts. We know everything.



Hackers/scammers caught shall be banned including their main account.



A tagalog report is also accepted.

Here is a shortcut link to easily get back to this guide : www.report.myroserver.com

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Please take a minute to read some tips on how to secure your MyRO Account:



1. Never give out your MyRO password to anyone. Not even to friends or GM's as these may just be posers imitating a friend or GM.


2. Do not give your email password as well, your email account holds all the informations like username and current password of your MyRO Account.


3. All GM's and in-game MyRO Staffs will have asterisks * * in their names (ex: * Admin *). If someone claiming to be a GM but without asterisks * * only means a phony.


4. If you are unsure if who you are talking to is a real GM, ask him/her to summon you so you may see the GM's avatar.


5. GM's or in-game MyRO Staffs will NEVER get your MyRO Password or your Email Password for whatever reason. Never.


6. Never share items, accounts, passwords or emails with friends as this is the first step to being scammed or hacked someday.


7. Do not buy accounts whatever the reason. The original owner or his/her friends can easily reclaim the sold account, with your items in it!


8. Be vigilant in emails received that claims that they are from the MyRO Server. Carefully inspect the sender's email address as they might be imitating our email (phishing scam). Our only email address for support is myroserver@hotmail.com.




Please try not to be careless and too trusting in people you don't really know.

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