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No.1PK for October 2015: Rinako (Grand Slam)

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Rinako Concludes No.1 PK Domination; Claims Grand Slam!

by Kaito Kuroba | MyRO Writers Pool Division    


©  x Sexy Beast | MyRO Designers Club


   Ruthless and merciless are two of the many words that describe this princess of Amatsu. Her acute skills and the mindset of a champion have brought her glory and fame in the past, but none of those equal what she’s been able to accomplish in the month of October in 2015. Winning her third No.1 PK title in a row, Rinako of Amatsu secured a Grand Slam a title only few bear. Known for being one of the most hard-hearted players to compete in the No.1 PK Battlefield, Rinako’s bloodthirsty disposition and her expertise in slaying her opponents bring chills to the hearts of those who have witnessed her fights. “I'm here to kill, not to care,” the thorny Shadow Chaser declared.


(For more information on the No.1 PK mechanics, click here!)


   What has been apparent in Rinako’s strategy in her three-month-long run to her No.1 PK Grand Slam win is her ability to change her play-style depending on the circumstances in a matter of minutes. “I act depending on the given situation.” Having faced countless of strong opponents, the scarlet-tinted Chaser has developed a knack for smelling out possible counter-plays to her enemies.  This was especially visible in her concluding run in October as the four people she had to face were of different classes. During the first and seconds rounds, Rinako had to face a high-profile Ranger in Nishikado Soujiro and a headstrong Sura in Reira Serizawa, respectively. Both fights ended up looking like a target-shooting session as Rinako aced both matches with ease.


   The climb to the final match was a cakewalk for Rinako, however, the sly princess eventually fell into the thirsty mouth of defeat, losing the first round in the race-to-two bout against renowned Guillotine Cross, o Bryan o. “Oh yeah, I died to him didn't I?” Rinako casually recalled her scuffle against the double-blade-wielding assassin when asked on her thoughts about the match-up. “This might sound like an excuse but my MyRO lagged.” Regardless of the early deficit, Rinako pulled a highlight-worthy combo against Bryan, first stripping him of his accessories and then ultimately concluding the Guillotine Cross’ run for the No.1 PK Title with a hail of arrows brought about by the spamming of the skill Triangle Shot.



Unleash hell! 


   With the success she’s basking in, people can’t help but ask if there’s a way to overcome the seemingly seamless play-style of the crimson slayer and even she had a hard time answering that question. “There isn’t really a counter to it,” Rinako finally answered after teetering around the thought for a while.  “I'm not sure how to say this [but] it’s not that hard fighting against Shadow Chasers.” After a few more seconds of thinking, she decided to awkwardly break the silence. “Okay, I don’t have anything,” she laughed. “But I haven't lost to any Shadow Chasers, even when I’m using another job.”


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   Come the face-off match, Rinako stood in the sights of a dauntless enemy; OG Kush, a Rune-Knight who had bulldozed his way to the face off round, slaughtering everyone who opposed him. Reminiscing about the closing match, the Shadow Chaser from Amatsu elaborated on the conditions she was in. “That was an interesting fight,” she began. “I was testing the waters, but treaded too far,” she described as to how she was trying to gauge OG Kush’s damage but ended up getting bludgeoned on head and falling from just a single Crushing Strike from the Rune Knight. Disappointed on the quick round, the Chaser’s brain started turning like clockwork and with just a few minutes to think, she was able to come up with a bright idea. Using her Shadow Formation whenever OG Kush would get to a threatening range forced the Rune Knight to peel away to break the tether. This gave Rinako the distance she needed to compel Kush into the pace she wanted to fight in.


   “I was trying to prove a point,” she explained her initial strategy in facing OG Kush. “I was trying to prove a point that not all high-end items are unstoppable.” It turns out, the Shadow Chaser wanted to beat OG Kush by turning his own brute force against him through the use of Shadow Formation. Unfortunately for her, OG Kush never fell for it and so she had to take rounds two and three using her usual strategy of using various types of disabling spells and then showering Kush with Triangle Shot.



Rinako (left) rains hell onto OG Kush (right)


   With a comfortable 2-1 lead, Rinako only needed to claim another round to conclude the race-to-three face off match. Things didn’t go as smooth as she had hoped, however. “[I] wanted to kill him with his own strength but he actually outplayed me,” she described her dismay on the fourth round where OG Kush managed to get his hands onto the slippery Shadow Chaser. Despite her worries, Rinako sealed the deal with a spotless deciding fifth round. While the brawl wasn’t as clean as she wanted it to be, she managed to hold her ground and come out as a No.1 PK Grand Slam winner!


   It seems like MyRO’s newest No.1 PK Grand Slam Champion isn’t well-informed on the Grand Slam rule. “Wait, are you telling me I’m not allowed to join for a month?” The blood-born damsel asked in surprise when prompted to share some of her future plans for the month-long rest entailed with a Grand Slam win. “Oh, man! Including my other characters?” Throughout the competition, I personally couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed that not a single mage-class user was in contention. After hearing this, Rinako raised an interesting question. “Would it be really interesting if I run as a mage class next run?” She asked to which I answered with an excited nod of approval. “Then you shall see some sorcery action once I’m allowed to compete for the No.1 PK title again!”


©  x Sexy Beast | MyRO Designers Club


(For more information on the Grand Slam rule, click here!)


   Whether or not the crimson princess would stick to her word, we won’t know for sure until she’s able to compete once again. One thing’s certain though, next month’s No.1 PK will be a toss-up with Rinako’s absence. As an experienced player, she has a few words to those who aspire to follow her footsteps. “Awareness and quick-thinking,” the Grand Slam Winner emphasized on these two fundamentals. Aside from that, she also has another thing in mind that she wants the entire server to hear.




   With that win, Rinako will don the ever-coveted No.1 PK Golden Crown for another month. Also, as the Grand Slam rule applies, Rinako will receive twice the amount of PODs at 60 plus a bonus of 10 Megaphones along with the prestigious title of No.1 PK Grand Slam winner from the stretch of August to October in 2015! Congratulations!


(To watch the full face off match © Enrico | MyRO Videographer, click here!)







© Kaito Kuroba

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Nice article. Make my day  /no1

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