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War of Emperium 2.0, MyROnian Style!

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Originally posted by straw15 here.



Ahhh, War of Emperium how sweet to see those players die in front of me, how I love that we have an agit when WOE ends and another guild tries to break it and bragging about that we have more 2 or more agits. Ahhh memories.

Hey bro, what are you talking about?!?! What is this War of Emperium? I want to join, it sounds so sweet to see players lose. th_e8.gifth_e8.gif


What is War Of Emperium?

Let me start to introduce to you the description of WOE in MyRO. War of Emperium is one of the most awaited events here in MyRO. The said event happens everyday from 7:00p.m.-8:00p.m. MyRO time. The process of the battle is breakers destory the emperium for their guild and the guild members are assigned to defending their agit until the very end. Today in MyRO this is the 2nd Edition WOE, there are 6 new agits and 2 old agits.

In every agit they have a chance to drop a Gold Bullion which sells for 100M and a requirement in some quests.

All Agits are included in the Economy System for G.O.M.

Visit the Flags in game to know open Castles.

How To Join WOE?

When you go online from 5:00p.m.-6:45p.m. you will see various guilds with their pub, Recruiting Guild Members(RGM) for their corresponding guilds. The given salary of the guild is depending on the equipment of the player who wants to join. Which means the cheaper your equipment the lower your salary and the more expensive your equipment is the higher your salary. Most guilds have their salary fixed which means everybody gains the same amount of money after WOE. Let me discuss to you the three different type of equipment here in MyRO the NPC, Semi-Geared(SG), and Full-Geared(FG).


* You are most likely to be accepted in every guild you enter. You also have one of the best equipment available for your job. You can survive the longest than any other player and can battle even without buffs.
> Salary: 200M-400M


* You have good equipment, great job. Some of your equipment cannot be bought by ordinary players. You have the talent, equipment and can survive in the battlefield longer than newbie players.
>Salary: 100M-150M


* You have good equipment but not good enough for other guilds. You can survive a few hits from the enemies but once your buff disappears, you can be of little service to your guild. Most or all of your equipment can be bought by ordinary players.
>Salary: 50M

Don't just join a guild. You have to enter in their pub and show your equipment so you can join. But remember there are some guilds who scam on their guild members. To join a scam-free guild(meaning the Guild Master will give salaries to his guild members.) It is best to join a guild who has good reputation in game and in forums. After you enter the guild you will see the "Guild Notice". In the guild notice it is listed there the SALARY, the OFFICIAL PTLs. and the welcoming remarks icon_4laugh.gif. Be sure to join the party of the official PTLs of the guild. You will also see in the guild notice that NO PT, NO SAL meaning when you did not join an official party you will receive no salary.

Here is the link for the guilds of MyRO, Guilds Of MyRO(click here).

During Combat

This is the time when all the fun happens. A few seconds before WOE start you will get EC by your GM. So buff, heal and restock yourself with potions and get ready for battle. Once you get ecalled, don't go in yet! Wait for the automatic broadcast "WOE has Begun". When you go inside the castle you will see various characters from different guilds killing each other so they can own the agit. Try to support your guild mates, you may even kill a lot of people and maybe even the cause of your guild having an agit RO-gg.gif. At some point you will get warped to the place where the guild master calls the guild members.Go forward straight to the emperium room and help the breakers.

If your guild breaks the emperium, go to the area where the attacks and skills of your job are needed. Don't just sit there and watch all the action, eventually you will be caught by the PTL and expel you from the party, remember NO PT, NO SAL. During the last few minutes you and the other guild members will defend to the max. Give it your best and try to kill as many players as you can. Don't leave the emperium unguarded as there are many breakers who are sneaky enough to pass through hundreds of players.

If you die, no one blames you. When your guild owns an agit and you wish to rebuff yourself, go back to your save point and do it. Using the WOE NPC, go back to your owned agit, click the Guild Flag for you to warp yourself to the Emperium Center where your guild mates are defending the emperium. It's normal for players, even who have the best equipment, can perish from hundreds of players from the same guild killing you for the sake of an agit. Just have fun, enjoy 1 hour of endless fighting and fun, also cooperate with your guild and party leader. Remember: "With Teamwork Nothing Is Impossible."

Roles Of Each Job During WOE

Once in combat our respective job has a different role than the other. In this section I will discuss to you the three categories of the various jobs to use.

Guild Master- Leads the guild members for success and victory.

Offense Category
Jobs that fall into this category are the front liners of the guild and deal as much damage as they can and prevent enemies to reach their guild mates.
Rune Knight- Uses the fearsome Bowling Bash Skill and awaits enemies especially in castle entrances and portals.
Sura- Using the unbeatable Asura for 1 Hit KO and spammable Finger Offensive skill.
Mechanic- Using the heavy damage Cart Termination skill on enemy guild members and using party buffs.
Guillotine Cross- Main job used for breaking emperium, using grimtooth on enemy guild mates.

Defense Category
Jobs that fall into this category deal as much damage to the enemies but within range. They assist the front liners as much as possible.
Gunslinger- Spamming of the Unstoppable Desperado especially on Castle Entrances and emperium.
Warlock- Spamming of AOE Skills and direct killing of enemies.
Sorcerer- Uses the abilities Land Protector to prevent opposing Storm Gust and AOE spells , dispelling of sneaky breakers and other enemy guild members, using spell break to cancel Emergency Call of GM.
Ranger- Spamming of the Versatile Double Strafe on enemies and using the ankle snare to delay enemy guild members and breakers.
Genetic- Using the powerful Acid Demonstration to enemies, unlocking the potentials of Full Chemical Protection on guild mates and spamming Slim Potion Pitcher if needed. Using the defensive Bio Cannibalize to cover emperium and guardian stones.
Shadow Chaser- Fast Spamming of magical skills on opposing guild members.

Support Category
Jobs that fall into this category assist every players they can with their healing and support skills. These jobs play an important role as they enhance the abilities of their fellow guild mates.
Minstrel- Using the everlasting Poem of Bragi(-after cast delay) for wizard and biochemist, rapid Assassin Cross of Sunset(faster aspd) for breakers and wizards and refreshing Apple of Idun(+HP) for all guild members, casting the corny Frost Joke to freeze enemies and using Arrow Vulcan if necessary.
Wanderer- Using of the annoying Please Don't Forget Me to super delay breakers and guild members, releasing the powers of Service For You(+SP), casting the irritating Scream to stun players and use Arrow Vulcan if necessary.
Arch Bishop- Casting the protective barrier Assumptio on all guild members(outside castle) and using other party buffs. Healing of guild members and healing of Emperium using Sanctuary. Using the instant recovery for curing of status ailments.
Royal Guard- Uses the life-saving Devotion Skill on party members, guild master and breakers.
Soul Linker- Link skills for guild mates and Ka-Buffs.

How To Repair Guardian Stones and Barricades


In each Second Edition castle there exists two guardian stones located in different rooms prior to the fortress gate. Guardian stones will summon guardians over time, and as long as at least one of the guardian stones remains standing, the fortress gate will prevent attackers from progressing into your fort.
In order to repair a guardian stone, you will need the following items....

* 30 Stone
* 1 Oridecon
* 1 Elunium
* 5 Blue Gemstone
* 5 Red Gemstone
* 5 Yellow Gemstone

Important Note:When re-assembling a guardian stone, each piece needs to be assembled in the proper order. The Stone, Elunium, and then the Oridecon must be arranged in that order. Then, you must place the gemstones based on a visual effect. Pay attention, the stone will make a red, blue, or green aura similar to the sage ground skills, and you must insert the corresponding color gem (the green violent gale effect uses the yellow gemstone). You must match the gemstones up to seven times.
If you assembled all the pieces correctly, the Guardian Stone will re-appear and begin summoning guardians immediately. If a step was performed incorrectly, you'll lose 10 of your stones and 2 of each gemstone and have to start over again.


The Barricades are the second line of defense in a castle should the Guardian Stones fall. If the Guardian Stones are both destroyed the enemy will then be able to infiltrate the castle, so these barricades provide additional defense.

In all SE castles there are three sets of barricades. These barricades create a line of impassible ground, preventing all players from passing. A barricade is made up of a series of pieces, ranging from 4-8 blocks. All of these pieces must be destroyed before players are allowed to pass. Unlike the emperium, barricades can be targeted by regular offensive and supportive skills (such as heal).

Destroyed barricade blocks cannot be replaced by the defending team while War of Emperium is currently active. When you first capture a fort, the barricades are not automatically installed, but the guild leader can choose to install them at any time by bringing the required items to the barricade (a control NPC exists next to each barricade). Only the guild leader is able to install barricades.

Barricades must be repaired in order, starting with the one closest to the emperium. When a guild leader wishes to rebuild a barricade, he'll have to bring the following items.

* Trunk (30)
* Steel (10)
* Emvertarcon (10)
* Oridecon (5)

Each component needs to be added to the barricade in a random order. You'll have to pay attention to the specific text que's in order to properly rebuild the barricade. If it describes the support frame as being damaged, use the trunks. If the gates looks like its endurance needs to be reinforced, use the oridecon. If the gate appears to have numerous cracks, use the steel. If the gate needs to be held together properly, use the emvertarcon.

Once you use all the pieces correctly, the barricade will appear. In most cases if you use the incorrect items the rebuilding process will end then and you will have to restart. If you use the trunks incorrectly to reinforce the barricade instead of oridecon (and possibly several other combinations), you may lose some of the items.

Items, Skills Disabled Inside Castles

* Lord Knight Card
* Golden Thief Bug Card
* Maya Card
* Fly Wing
* Yggdrasil Berry (For Paladins Only)
* Yggdrasil Seed (For Paladins Only)

* Teleport Skill
* Basilica Skill
* Warp Portal Skill
* Assumptio Skill
* Moonlight Water Mill Skill

After WOE

Now the War of Emperium has end. Rest your fingers for a while RO-heh.gif. It's time to rejoice when you have successfully captured an agit or time to sulk when another guild stole your castle. Just do your best and there is always tomorrow for another chance.

Your Guild Master will ECall you to the Salary Point. To receive your salary, you and your party members will have to line up where the PTL tells you. Your salary will be the same as the other guild members. Salary will be distributed to the PTL. Just be patient, receiving your money maybe the lip-smacking reward you will ever get here in MyRO.

Guild of the Month(G.O.M.)

What is G.O.M.? G.O.M is held every first Saturday of the month. This is the most awaited event for all MyROnians who join WOE everyday to be part of this said event. A day before G.O.M. the GM will announce who are the Top 5 Guilds participating in the G.O.M. Although they are not yet the contenders, it can still be change by other guilds who will fight till the very end. During G.O.M. day, we will get the Top 5 Guild Economy Scorers for a battle of supremacy! It will be a Guild War Event 76 vs 76. 5 minutes before the event starts ,* Admin * will apply the guildlock system. It is a system that disables recruiting characters without guild and prevent characters from leaving their guild once the system is applied. The Matches will be:

Prizes for this special monthly event are 1 Burning Helm of Champion, 1 Champion Expert Ring, 10 Billion Zenny, 30 Megaphones and the Fame & Glory of being the best guild existing in MyRO. So gear up, stand proud be ready for the next Guild of The Month, and who knows you might be a member of the winning guild. Get ready for the most enticing, exciting and the most breath taking happening in MyRO history. May the best of the best win!

Additional Information

During these last few months, there had been major changes in MyRO in terms of WOE. To find out more about these changes click on the links below which will provide more knowledge, support and information about these terms.


Economy Score Tabulation (www.ecoscores.myroserver.com)



Be ready for a different MyRO experience! RO-no1.gif


Credits to jjlim123, * Admin *, G e L and Carrie their links, article and suggestions helped me thanks a lot guys and gals. happy.gif

The guide is done. Enjoy reading.
Comments and Suggestions are appreciated
I'm getting more readers thanks guys icon_4laugh.gif

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