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[Malaya Quest] Cautious Village

malaya quest cautious village

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[Malaya Quest] Cautious Village


Jeepneys, Banana Leaf, Nipa Huts, EDSA Traffic- I mean, Rizal Monument, these are some of the iconic symbols of the Philippines. Did you know that this place can also be found in Rune Midgard? It is in a small village you could reach by sailing southwest from Alberta or let's just say, a warper click away. Well then everyone, welcome to Malaya.


From simple Tikbalang pet quest down to MVP boss instance of fighting Bakonawa and Buwaya, Malaya has a lot of quest to offer. But in order for you to start your adventure in Malaya, it is recommended to finish the Cautious Village Quest first.


Without further ado, here are some tips and the guide itself.


/gawi  Use Genetic/Ranger or a character that will be able to take on MVP instance boss in starting the whole Malaya quest.

/gawi Bring 6 Holy water and 6 Blue Gemstones with you. These can be bought from the NPC.

/gawi This quest is just basically taking to the NPCs and delivering the needed items. Yes, just press enter all the way.

/gawi Bring Flywing/TeleClip to teleport you way for faster navigation.


1.    Talk to Rodel the Guard (malaya 266/76)

He will tell you how the villagers have been feeling more threatened by evil spirits and how they feel uncomfortable of outsiders. He will suggest you to speak with Leader Phong the Mumbaki. He will create mark on the map for you to locate him.




2.    Speak with the tribe Leader Phong the Mumbak (malaya 185/358).

He will need to test how strong and pure your soul is. Select either of the choices and he will be amazed how the ghosts are threatened by your presence.





3.    Speak with Old Man Nardo (malaya 181/353).

He will ask if it is possible to have a button of your clothing.





4.    Speak with Collection Dealer Woeon (malaya 295/171).

He tells you that he can help you if you want a job around there and asks you if you could give him a button of your sleeve.





5.    Speak with Pedro the Sailor (malaya 326/68). Choose the option – Sure.

He asks you to stay for a while and hear his story and tells you that the town is a den of ghosts. For him to to be able to speak with the spirits, he will ask if you can give him a button of your sleeve.






6.    Speak with Blacksmith Pandoi (malaya 119/217).

He greets you with a smile and asks for something to prove that he met you in person. He thinks if he have an item from you it would scare away the ghosts.




7.    Speak with Talah (malaya 223/267) and her dad Romel (/navi malaya 223/268).

He asks if you could give her a button or some hair because she has trouble sleeping at night.




8.    After speaking with the 6 NPC's, return to Phong the Mumbaki. Select Holy Water and the Blue Gemstone option.


9.    Talk to the remaining 6 NPCs again in any order to hand over Blue Gemstones and Holy Water.


10. Tada~ Finally, return to Mumbaki after delivering the items. 



You can now start the daily quests and speak with most of the NPC's in Port Malaya.

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Awesome. Thanks for the guide! /no1

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