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Guild of the Month Guidelines

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“It is time,” the Guild master finally broke the long silence.

“Alas, indeed it is..” the handsome, young High Wizard remarked quietly.

“I’m not sure of this, but I think it doesn’t matter now,” whispered the pretty Biochemist, frantically putting her last set of potions in her already full and heavy cart.

With a loud snap, the Professor slammed his book shut. “We had enough. There is no more room for failure,” sternly looking at the Biochemist, who retaliated with an equally fierce stare.

“We shall win, I know we will,” assured the High Priestess with a smile that promises tomorrow. All eyes were on her now. 

“For truth.”

“For power.”

“For knowledge.”

“For glory.”

“For us.”

And the doors swung open.


For most, the War of Emperium is just a means of earning an income. They join the guild, do their jobs, obtain the salary, and fly away. However, they fail to realize that the series of Wars of Emperium is just a prelude to the real, ultimate action – the Guild of the Month Tournament.


Every guild in the MyRO community is entitled for a chance to join the tournament. However, the only way to reach the GOM event is to participate in the daily War of Emperium, scheduled 7:00-8:00 pm, MyRO time. (For details about the War of Emperium, click Here.)

With the advent of the Economy Scoring System, the selection for the guild finalists has become, nonetheless, both unpredictable and tedious. According to the new scoring system, guilds that have successfully conquered a castle (or castles) during the daily sieges will have the option to invest on it, at most twice, in a given period of time (24 hours). Each investment is worth 3 Economy points, with the Investment Cost doubled on the second investment.

Moreover, investment costs augment as Economy Points for a particular castle pile up. Plainly, higher Economy Points would entail higher Investment Costs. (Does this sound too technical? @_@) 

Here is the twist. Each time the emperium is shattered by an enemy guild during the War of Emperium, the total Economy Point is reduced by one. Thus, logically, the guild that invested on its castle should defend it as much as possible to preserve the Economy Points. 

It is but a simple strategy. Protect the castle to maintain your points, attack other castles to decrease their points. Bingo. 

(For more information about the Economy Scoring System, click www.ecomechanics.myroserver.com.)


Commonly held during the first Saturday of the month, the four highest grossing guilds of Economy Points will contend for the prestigious Guild of the Month title. With no risks at hand anymore, the four teams are to battle it out till the end – blast by blast, blow by blow, everything set in perfect live motion – to get hold of the elusive title that defines the whole Guild of the Month experience. 

Before the matches, a special command called the Guild Lock will be activated among the four opposing guilds, preventing them to expel and recruit members, and also forbidding current members to secede from the guild. Through this system, conspiracies such as borrowing members from the supposed-to-be enemy guild (or even non-participating guilds) will be avoided. Also, this encourages player loyalty and integrity for the chosen guild, which is of course a key to ensure an eventual win.

Same with the War of Emperium, items such as the Golden Thief Bug Card and Maya Card are disabled inside the arena, to promote usage of magic especially of magic-dependent jobs such as the Magician class. Escaping through Fly Wings and Teleportation is futile. 

The semifinals for the Guild of the Month is composed of two matches: the first match between the two guilds that earned the highest Economy Points, and the second match between the third and fourth finishers. The first team from each match to win two stints will enter the championship round, which will determine which of which is the deserving Guild of the Month.

At this point, tension builds up to exuberant levels. After enduring towering fights, the two surviving guilds will clash, pouring their very last and very best bits of strength and determination, to bag the Guild of the Month title and royalties. Only upon subduing the other guild in three rounds can a guild be proclaimed as the newest Guild of the Month, and boast to spectators how strong and imperial they are. 

The Guild Master of the Guild of the Month will be conferred pleasant prizes such as 1 Burning Helm of Champions, 1 "Champion" Expert Ring [0], 30 Billion Zeny, 30 Megaphones and what more? Fame, of course! The winning guild will be featured on the MyRO main page, to expose better who's the best guild in town! 

After the event, all Agit Economies will be reset to zero, and the whole process starts again. Aspiring guilds should again battle in the daily sieges, invest and accumulate Economy points, and brace their characters and themselves for the grand tournament.

What are you waiting for? The doors have swung open...All you have to do is to step out and stand for fame, power, wealth, glory, and of course, for G.O.M.! RO-no1.gif RO-no1.gif RO-no1.gif
* Guild of the Month introduction is brought to you by Carrie of MWPD. *
~ * ~
♦ Guild of the Month Rules ♦

Guild of the Month Contenders should understand and abide by these rules before joining the event. Failure to do so may mean the disqualification of your guild. Reasons of "I did not know" and the likes are not excused and will be ignored.

1. Top 4 Contenders will be chosen based on current Economy Score Tabulation (www.ecoscores.myroserver.com) during G.O.M. night. To learn more on the 'Economy System Scoring' please click here: www.ecomechanics.myroserver.com


Top4 Guild.jpg



2. Each participating Guild should have at least 50 Eco Score (total) to qualify for the Top 4 Ranks.


3. There is a requirement of at least 40 members per participating Guild to qualify for the Top 4 Ranks during GOM night. This means that each participating Guild on GOM night should have a minimum of 40 members or the next Guild in line will take its place to fill the Top 4 Ranks.


3. All Guilds will be recalled inside the arena by the Host Game Master. Test recalls will be done before the event starts to make sure all guilds can be recalled and that each guild has more than 40 members. Guild with less than 40 members will automatically be disqualified.  

4. Guild Masters are not allowed to use Emergency Call while inside the arena. The Emergency Call Skill is actually disabled inside the arena.

5. Recon, going back to their save point and Emergency Call outside of the arena are only allowed after the winner for the match has been announced.

6. Pets and Summons are not allowed for this event. 

7. The following are disabled inside the arena: Golden Thief Bug Card, Maya Card, Ygg Seed and Ygg Berries.

8. Teams will be given approximately 3 mins to repots and prepare in between each ROUND. The hosting GM will recall each Guild on each side of the Arena Map. The GM will check both sides for "Disconnection Problems" (DC Call) and ask members on each side if all is well and shall proceed. A countdown will commence and the Arena Gates will open which will mean the start of the battle.

9. During a DISCONNECTION PROBLEM, just "PUB" inside your Arena Gate while the GM alternately checks for "DC Calls". This will notify the hosting GM of your intent to reconnect and regroup members. You will have approximately 1.5 mins upto 3 mins to regroup. When there are no "DC" pubs during the DC Checks will mean a go on your team though it is best to give the GM a confirmation to proceed. Once the Gates open, DC calls will NOT be anymore entertained and will push through whatever number of players you have on your side.

10. Only One (1) DISCONNECTION PROBLEM will be entertained per ROUND. The succeeding "DC Calls" will NOT be entertained and so you must combat with what number of members left in the team. A forced "succeeding DC Call" request would mean a DISQUALIFICATION of your team to avoid complaints and annoyance to other participating teams. A "REPOTS" request is also considered a "DC Call" since you were given enough time (approx 3 mins or more) to prepare, unless BOTH TEAMS requested similar at the same time as long as the countdown has not yet started. The hosting GM will ask both sides if the "Repots Request" is mutual.

11. Important Reminder: Guild Lock will be activated before GOM starts which is around 1 hour after WoE. Be sure to be prepared by then. A one time 5-10 minute extension can be honored before the guildlock. Once Guild Lock is activated, you may NOT Join or Leave a Guild. This will last up to the end of the GOM matches or after 3 hours.


12. Every contending Guild should have a visible Emblem prior and during the matches. A Guild who would intentionally remove its emblem at the middle of a match shall be warned. A second offense will be a disqualification.


13. Guildmaster's IGN and Guildname to be used should not include profanity, provocative and foul words.



 Top 1 to 4 Contender Guilds will fight on the Elimination Round, Race to 2.

Matches will be base on dice roll.

1vs 2, 3vs4


In case of a forfeiture, the next Guild in line (Top 5 and so forth) will replace the vacant slot in the match-ups.

Guilds with less than 40 members will be automatically forfeited.

Guilds who are obviously only dual log ins will also be automatically forfeited.

(This means that even if your Guild is not within the Top 4 rankers, there is a possibility your Guild may be called to participate so be ready.)

 Winners A & B of the Elimination Round will proceed to the Final Round for the Championship Match to be crowned as MyRO's GOM of the Month. Finals will be Race to 3.

Winner A [vs] Winner B = Finalist

New Gom chart.jpg

2nd Place will receive 10,000 mithril coins and 5pcs megaphone.
(2nd placer will be selected from the losing guilds from the semi finals with the higher economy points.)
 1st Place will receive 15,000 mithril coins and 15pcs megaphone.
 Guild of the Month Champion will receive :
  • Costume Blue Burning Helm (BBH), (+1 All Stats, Fast Walkspeed)
  • ER[0],
  • 30,000 Mitrhil coins and
  • 30pcs megaphones for the whole Guild!
  • Plus a server-wide greeting for Guildmaster.
NOTE: The Costume Blue Burning Helm (BBH) can be exchanged to a normal headgear BBH at the MyRO Quest NPC at MOA (123,111) under the Special Quests Category.






NOTE: This Event upholds the Grand Slam Rule (www.grandslam.myroserver.com) and the No Multiple Teams Rule (www.nomultipleteams.myroserver.com)

You can get back to this page though the link: www.gomrules.myroserver.com 

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