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Guild of the Month Hall of Fame

gom hall of fame

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A Shaolin Snap: Praetorians Bow Atop GOM

by Carrie


No better way to kick off the year of the dragon than with the mighty Master Shaolin, forefront hero of the prime and pompous Praetorian infantry, to slyly seal his keeps on the blazing helm of champions as the monumental torch of the recently concluded Guild of the Month tournament, after a listlessly whitewashed 3-0 record against a nonetheless, cunning and caustic Cognoscenti camp in the action-flooded finals held this early January 2012. 

To clash in testily battle showdowns were five proud legions: top-scorer Praetorians, led by Shaolin; number two seed Most Wanted Unico Hijo spearheaded by Kanchos Ft. Ayan; third highest point earner Seven Deadly Boobs by Shao Smith; rising tiger Rise Above Hate captained by Jeff Cena; and chipper Cognoscentiscoundrels logged by GrimJoe. The order of the matches was determined via a tabulated Economy scoring system based on the daily Wars of Emperium. As a rule, highest economy point grosser shall be assured of a slot in the finals, while the remaining four shall tightly contend for the other spot in the culminating fight of the tourney. 

The first face-off commenced with Most Wanted Unico Hijo and Seven Deadly Boobs locked into a gripping combat; yet the former dustily disposed the latter in rapid two sets, and curtly continued to the penultimate portion of the guild war ladder. 

(For details about the matches for the January, 2012 GOM Event, click Here!)

Fourth and fifth placers went on to crash each other in the second part of the eliminations, and while Rise Above Hate soared higher in terms of economy wealth, the cunning Cognoscenti crushed the enemy in just two games, aggressively dispatching all other non-guild members in the arena for a smart walk towards the semis with a storm-swept and spirited momentum. 

The semi-final phase was a hard-blown disorder for both contending guilds. Both groups strongly willed to dominate the other; however a more prominent Cognoscenti militia stepped out of the shadows to stressfully smash the other team, again in fantastic two sets. With this, the Cognoscentis were given another close step to seize the throne as the January GOM conquistadores. 

With now thumping two robust and resolute armies in straight and slick sequence, the scrappy Cognoscentiheaded on to the fiasco-dipped finale, to untie an intently tight knot with the plucky Praetorian gangsters, to finally conclude a month-long struggle for the first-best guild of 2012. Yet, fate did not favour the Cognoscentison this instance, as the Praetorian predators squished their prey in a steadfast and serviceable three-set win, finally conquering an absolute triumph to be the first Guild of the Month winner for 2012. th_e8.gif

Upon leading the Praetorians to its glorious goal, the sensational and unsheepish Shaolin as the guild master shall be granted the privilege to wear the blue-flamed Burning Helm, plus a few more extras such as a "Champion" Expert Ring [0], 10 billion zeny, and 30 megaphones. Meanwhile, first runner up Cognoscenti guild leader GrimJoe shall be conferred 6 billion zeny and 15 pieces of megaphones; and second runner-up Most Wanted Unico Hijo guild forerunner Kanchos Ft. Ayan shall be given 3 billion zeny and 5 Megaphones. These are why everyone should look out for who’s in and out, for choosing the best guild indeed has its rewards! 

(For details about the Guild of the Month Event, click Here!)

Congratulations to Shaolin and the Praetorians! And… Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone! RO-heh.gif


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Girl Power Wraps Up Teigras, 3-1.

Vamp Reloaded led by oO Mine Oo - GOM February.


by Jaru Bop Pop

Girls are running MyRO's world with another femme fatale claiming the Blue Burning Helm of Champions. Who ever knew that a girl group could pack up a punch or two this February. Vamp Reloaded slipped once and after getting their act together, triumphs over Constante Teigra with a decisive 3-1. 

The Guild of the Month is judged by whoever kicks the most booty in a succession of matches. The following guilds that qualified were:
☺ Ladder-leading and Geffen Representatives, Vamp Reloaded led by the charming oO Mine Oo;
☺ Prontera's very own Vinstri Prontenheim led by the explosive BoomKaBoom;
☺ Aldebaran's roaring Constante Teigra headed by the mysterious o Bismarck o;
☺ Payon's rowdy Los Bakeros vD led by GM DeaN;
☺ and last but not the least, Izlude's refreshing Bad Breath led by the well-experienced Noob Saibot

The guild who tops the guild ranking ladder immediately proceeds to the finals whilst all the other four guilds will have to test each other in a battle of wits, commitment, power and above all, team work. The order of matches also depends on their ranking on said ladder. 

Eliminations started off with Constante Teigra against Vinstri Prontenheim. Aldebaran's veterans crushed the Prontera elites with one sweeping motion, clearing the walls of flesh, leaving only traces of blood and bodies respawning back to their save points. The match concluded withConstante Teigra topping Vinstri Prontenheim with a score of 2-0.

The second match of the night featured Los Bakeros vD facing off against Bad Breath. It was a fairly equal fight at first but Los Bakeros vD geared themselves to the max and rushe forward, trampling Bad Breath's defense like a couple of illegal jay walkers in EDSA. Los Bakeros vDzoomed to the semi's with a score of 2-0.

The Elimination round ends with the victors, the loud and proud Constante Tiegra and the aggressive warriors of Los Bakeros vD

Semi-finals soon came up as we have the previous winners of the eliminations battle each other in the same manner as before. With bloodshed and the usual clashing of both swords and magic.Constante Tiegra proved itself to be the better guild in terms of warfare as they soon had Los Bakeros vD respawning their butts back to Payon. Semi's concluded with a 2-0. 

Tension builds up as the most awaited match of the night approaches. The final contest of strength and brother-power that would crown MyRO's Guild of the Month for February 2012

We have the defending champion's Geffen's representative, Vamp Reloaded going head to head against its long-awaited rival, Aldebaran's ferocious Constante Teigra. Upon the landing of the word "..GO!" on the battle log of both guild's players, warriors of all kinds such as the arcane arts, long-ranged sniping and hand-to-hand combat zoomed to the middle of the arena and fought off the opposing guild in perfect coordination. The 1st match, undoubtedly, was won by Vamp Reloaded after demonstrating wonderfully synchronized offense. Constante Tiegra did not go without a fight, blowing up Vamp Reloaded's guardsmen's bodies back to their respawn points at Geffen, making the score even (1-1). Two more matches to go after the winner is decided. The 3rd one was won yet again by Geffen's Vamp Reloaded. Only one more match to go. Will Aldebaran be able to muster another counterattack?

After the fog clears. blood-splattered Game Masters disguised as Porings soon called out the victorious Vamp Reloaded! It would have been a beautiful and flawless victory if Vamp Reloadedhad not slipped once. Power girl oO Mine Oo receives her very own fiery yet oh-so-cool Burning Blue Helm of Chamions. a Chamion Expert Ring, 10 billion zeny, 30 megaphones and the title ofMyRO's Guild of the month for February. Even the not-so-victorious get a little something for their efforts! 1st Runner-up Constante Tiegra'o Bismarck o receives a whopping 6 billion zeny and 15 megaphones. 2nd Runner-up Los Bakeros vD's GM DeaN gets 3 billion zeny and 5 megaphones! 

And with that, let's all raise our glasses to oO Mine Oo and Vamp Reloaded, our Guild of the Month for February! RO-no1.gif




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Guild of the Month for March 2012
Thai Nun Neo

Top 5 Contenders for GOM
1. Thai Nun Neo (VhalaZubash)
2. Menyak (Laid to Rest)
3. Tropang Matambok (Totoy Tambok)
4. H e l l r a i o s (Rezani Makku)
5. Baryo Pepe (Kapitan Pepe) 

1st Match: Menyak won against Tropang Matambok with a score of 2-0
2nd Match: H e l l r a i o s won against Baryo Pepe with a score of 2-0

Menyak won against H e l l r a i o s with a score of 2-0

Thai Nun Neo won against Menyak with a score of 3-2





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Flirt Alert takes GOM Crown; 
Allied Guilds Bite the Dust

By: Jaru Bop Pop



April 2012's Blue Burning Helm of Champions goes to the very deserving Imperfect Angel, the guild leader of Flirt Alert. 

This not-so-imperfect sura won't be needing to thank his lucky stars after proving that his guild could pull off a clean and swift 3-0 victory over the other final contender, Loud and Proud led by L A P.

The Guild of the Month event is a contest of strength through eliminating the other's members and brains via tactics between worthy guilds who've made it to the top of the Economic System Ladder. Only the fittest get to claim the crown along with a coveted MyRO Champion Expert Ring, 10 Billion Zeny, 30 Loud Megaphones and of course, the title of MyRO's Guild of the Month for April 2012! 

The guilds that qualified and were put to the test are the following:

☺ Geffen's Power House Guild and No. 1 Ranker: Flirt Alert led by Imperfect Angel
☺ Aldebaran represents with Loud and Proud led by L A P
☺ Small town Hugel's U nicoHijo F amila led by xKanchos DakilangBaog
☺ Oriental Gonryun puts up a fight with Alea Ecta Ist led by Spicy Chill
☺ Payon never gives up with Power Los Bakeros vD ledy by Power Ranger DeaN.

Whoever tops the ladder immediately gets to compete in the finals, in this case is Flirt Alert. All the other guilds will have to grind and knock off each other's heads in order to get there. Pretty lucky for Top 1 Flirt Alert. All that hard work keeping itself at the top finally paid off! So for all those future rankers, make sure you work extra hard and aim for the top spot!

Looks like we have the 4 Alliances who tried really hard to push Geffen out of the top spot competing against one another. Oh the irony! Let the bonds break. Only one guild takes it all. May the odds be in your favor!

Enough blabbering for now and on to the matches! 

U nicoHijo F amila and Loud and Proud kick off the eliminations with an outstanding duel to the death! If only Ragnarok Online showed more graphic images because as the battle went along, the dragons and knights of Loud and Proud nearly gnawed off the guildsmen of Hugel. The finals corpses were swept off by GM's who also work well as body and floor maintenance crews. The battle between Hugel and Aldebaran concluded with Aldebaran victorious at a score of 2-0. Very nice! Mama Mary loves you!

We now have one guild for our Semi-finals. Let's see who they'll get to face off after the very much awaited battle between Alea Ecta Ist and Power Los Bakeros vD!

Both guilds now at opposite sides of the arena. As the Game Master dropped her GO! signal, both guilds rushed and were soon in the middle clashing and tearing each other limb from limb with different sorts of magic and blades and arrows! I hope the vD in Power Los Bakeros vD stands for "very Dead" because that's exactly what happened on the GOM arena. Gonryun's Alea Ecta Ist triumphs the eliminations over Payon's Power Los Bakeros vD with a tally of 2-0. 

Semi's quickly come up. The GM's are not wasting anymore time. I think they want to get some beauty sleep as well. Loud and Proud and Alea Ecta Ist were once allies during the ranking season. However, all that seems to have come to an end as only one gets to face Flirt Alert for the crown. 

Their contest consist of two brief matches. Both of which are won by Loud and Proud with their over-whelming strength and confidence. However, will this be enough to outplay Flirt Alert?

Let's not stop the momentum of this narration and get it over with. I have a lot more stuff to do other than sit on my butt and write this thang..

We once again have Geffen and Aldebaran crossing each other. It looks like both take each other quite seriously. It's been a long and hard journey for both guilds. The matches consisted of both a display of strong and witty tactics and movements from both sides. Each one was not doing the usual rushing-into-the-middle-and-just-kill-everything-you-see move. Aldebaran's Rune Knights and Genetics got Geffen's defenses going pretty thin as they bit and chewed quite a lot of the opposing team's men. However, Geffen mustered up a counter attack and got Aldebaran right on their thinning side where their offenses where caught blindly. The first match was won by Flirt Alert making it 1-0! 

During the following matches, Flirt Alert whipped up it's defenses by a hundred-fold and was able to hold Loud and Proud's attacks. No matter how strong the opposing guild was, flirt Alert was still able to reign supreme and keep Loud and Proud quite and humbled. The battle ended with a score of 3-0. 

And so, the Guild of the Month concludes with Flirt Alert taking all that bacon home. However, since *Admin* loves a good sport, losers get a prize for their effort as well! 1st Runner Up Loud and Proud's L A P receives a generous 6 Billion Zeny and 15 loud and proud Megaphones! 2nd Runner Up Alea Ecta Ist's Spicy Chill gets a very neat 3 Billion Zeny and 5 megaphones! 

Let's congratulate our Guild of the Month for April 2012, Flirt Alert led by Imperfect Angel for their outstanding victory amongst MyRO's guilds! The odds were definitely on their favor!




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by Erza


Kada buwan, ang labanan para sa "Guild Of the Month hall of fame" ay nakareserba sa isang koponan ng mga magigiting na mandirigma na binibigay ang kanilang buong lakas, talino at pagtutulungan sa isa't isa. At para simulan ang buwan ng Mayo, hindi lang pista nang bulaklak (Flores de Mayo) ang dapat ipagdiwang kundi pati na rin ang pagkawagi ng samahang A N G U I S H na pinamumunuan ni Ginoong PsychoNeurotic.

Ilang linggong hirap at kaba ng dibdib ang naranasan ng punong opisyal ng bawat koponan para lang ingatan, alagaan at ipaglaban ang kani-kanilang kastilyo sa mga nangahas na subukin ang kanilang katatagan. At noong nakaraang linggo, ipinahayag na sa buong Kaharian ng Midgard ang huling listahan ng mga samahang pasok sa "top 5".

(5) Never Say Die Arkhi - Arkhi
(4) Alertos de Solidos - Bo Ss E Management
(3) 7 Deadly 7 Sins - 7 D S
(2) B R - oOMAOOo
(1) A N G U I S H - PsychoNeurotic

Nagsimula ang digmaan para sa titulo na pinangunahan ng B R sa Never Say Die Arkhi sa puntos na 2-0. Sumunod naman sa listahan ang samahan ng Alertos de Solidos at 7 Deadly 7 Sins. Handa na ang lahat, inaabangan kung sino ang mananalo sa dalawa.. nang biglang umalingawngaw sa buong kahariaan na magkapanalig pala ang dalawa, ang dahilan kung bakit hindi sila nagkakatamaan. icon_sweatdrop.gif

Nagbigay ng ilang minuto ang mga GM para alisin ang sanduguan ng dalawa at sa huli, nanalo ang Alertos de Solidos sa puntos na 2-1. Ilang minuto lang, mabilis na tinapos ng mga mandirigma ng B R ang Alertos de Solidos sa estratehiyang mabilis na paglusob na nagbigay sa B R ng 2-0 na puntos.

Dumating na ang pinakahihintay ng lahat, ang labanan ng B R at ng A N G U I S H. Kung naglalaro ka sa isang kwartong de aircon at kasali ka sa isa sa mga koponan nabangit, siguro pagpapawisan ka ng malagkit. Nanalo ang koponang A N G U I S H sa matalinong estratehiyang ginamit sa laban na nagbigay sa kanila ng puntos na 3-0. Una dito ang paglusob ng mga genetic upang maghowl sa gilid ng entablado habang ang iba ay diretsong nakikipaglaban. Ang pangalawa naman ay ang "all top" kung saan lahat ng mandirigma ng A N G U I S H ay nasa itaas ng entablado at sa huli, tinapos ng koponan ang B R sa pagsira nang kanilang depensang binuo at pagkabuklod-buklod nang bawat mandirigma sa kabilang koponan. 

Sa kabila ng pangalan nilang "A N G U I S H" o hirap, hapis, o dalita. Pinatunayan nila sa buong Kaharian ng Midgard na ang isang pighati ay mapapalitan ng kasiyahan. Walang mangyayari kung puro pighati ang laman ng puso't isipan,matutong tumayo, lumaban at humingi ng gabay sa Maykapal upang maabot ang minimithing tagumpay.


GOM winner insider.

Sa kabila ng nagbabagang balita, silipin natin ang koponang nakasungkit ng Blue Burning Helm ngayong buwan ng Mayo sa pamamagitan ng pakikipanayam sa pinuno ng koponan.. si PsychoNeurotic.

Intern: Bago mag GOM? any hardships along the way?
Hmm sa tingin ko wala naman po. Naghanda kame ng maaga para sa mismong araw eh. Hindi na kame gahol sa oras

Intern: Kahit financial crisis?
meron kasi wala kong pasok biggrin.gif HAHAHAHA joke lang

Intern: Sabi nila behind all men's success, there's always a woman behind. Meron ba? th_lv.gif

*tumawa siya nun at mukahang nagulat sa tanong pero sa huli, sinabing inspiration lang at itatago natin sa initials na JDB.*

Any message?
Hi Moo :">

Intern: Sino-sino yung mga taong nasa likod mo para makamit ang BBH? Any message to them?
unang una salamat sa Tropang Buo! pati dun sa mga tumulong mag woe at nag pa rank nong guild. Sa ally namen maraming salamat yun lang naiiyak na ko. RO-heh.gif


Muli, binabati ko ang mga mandirigmang bumubuo ng A N G U I S H. th_kis2.gif




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Obliterate cuts off Hellionv1; swipes GOM crown with score of 3-1! 
by weisan

Riding high on persistence and tricky placing, Obliterate blasted Hellionv1 in the crucial 4th round to win 3-1 for the June Guild of the Month and copped the most coveted Blue Burning Helm.

Geffen’s Obliterate headed by Enlighten with core members:
Geffen's War Team Flirt Alert.
UPMR war team.
Alberta allies.
Amatsu allies.

The event was held on the night of June 9th at Arena 3 to crown the May G.O.M. to culminate a month of accumulating economy agits. Aldebaran’s defeat was the third that they suffered in the G.O.M. event.

Mocha, head GM announced the top 5 guilds that competed for June’s G.O.M. Leading with 420 points led by Enlighten Obliterate,Hellionv1 with 341 points led by Decim0 UnC0, Chasing Pavements with 192 points led by Matiks Skyler, Tropang Talandi led by BoSs E Staff, and nearly making the cut G r e e D led by X Knock x Out X. 

Geffen’s pride played patiently. They set their defenses and waited until they had the upper hand, making Hellionv1 take offense which led to its downfall. 

Hellionv1 won the 1st round by outsmarting Obliterate with their positioning; it wasn’t enough to snatch the crown.

The last round was greeted by a DC Call from Obliterate, which caused an uprising of @requests to GMs due to confusion on rule 9 of the Official Guild of the Month Rules, which states that only one disconnection problem will be entertained per round. Since none of the rules were violated the match went on.

This is the 11th time Geffen with its allies won the Guild of the Month. Prizes for G.O.M. include the title itself, a Blue Burning Helm of Champions, 30k mithril coins and 30 megaphones.




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by: Jaru Bop Pop



On the night of July 7, 2012, MyRO’s top 5 guilds made their preparations for the event entitled, Guild of the Month. In lieu of the head game master’s absence, * Mallows * takes the stage and hosts the previous nights event with much enthusiasm. Thee Top 5 Guilds that qualified for last nights event were: 

G G led by oOMAOOo
Erotic Myronian Clan led by mangpogsEMC
Threads Of Fate led by BoomKaBoom
LIPZANITY led by Lipz
A r M a D o led by o El Dios Finest o

GOM sample recalls started at 8:45PM. Guild recalls for all the guilds go smoothly except for o El Dios Finest o’s A r M a D o whose guild cannot be recalled due to the complexity in its name caused by the spaces before and after it. GMs advised players to avoid doing what the latter had done if their guild planned on joining GOM. A consequence of the problems in sample recalls resulted to a delayed GOM. Recalls were done at 9:11PM and * Mallows * confirmed that guilds were given time to strategize and ready themselves before 9:29PM.

QUOTE Eliminations
Erotic Myronian Clan vs Threads of Fate 

Eliminations initiated roughly with the first match high on DC connections from both parties namely Geffen’s Erotic Myronian Clan (EMC) and Lower Alberta’s Threads of Fate (ToF). Round 1 commences only after both parties have confirmed that their men are in order which was preceded by 2 round restarts due to DC calls. The moments the gates of fire descended and allowed passage, EMC and ToF set their plans in motion. EMC takes the middle of the arena and sets ground there. ToF tries to muster a sneak attack from the southern region of the map. A zap of chain lightning triggers the clash of these two guilds. EMC’s Maestro Nhel jumps right into the opposing guild’s face spamming Frost Joke, numbing ToF’s defenses leading to EMC’s victory in round 1. Round 2 was no different from the 1st. The said round kicked off with another set of DC calls from both guilds. This had quite a negative feedback on GOM as players who watched and players who were waiting in line for their guild’s own match ups. 

At the drop of the Mallow’s GO! signal, EMC claimed that not all their members were recalled and the problem in disconnection on their side was caused by the use of Hex. Admin confirmed this and said that using the damage-revealing program would cause the player to disconnect automatically and experience an IP ban that lasts for 5 minutes. ToF clung to its turtle formation, expecting a downpour of EMC’s men to come at them. They soon gear towards offense clearing the map of any Geffen goons. 

The match did not restart as all DC calls were already used. Annoying was one word to call this match. The 3rd round proved itself to be a successor of the previous 2 rounds with another batch of DC calls from the opposing parties. After what seemed like a decade, the match soon progressed to a real battle as EMC goes aggressive and cleaves the defense that ToF had set at the eastern end of the map. EMC rises victorious after a 1-hour elimination match and proceeds to the semis with a score of 2-1.

LIPZANITY vs A r M a D o

The 2nd match for the eliminations was hampered with only minor DC calls. The match did not dwell for an hour unlike the previous one. LIPZANITY (LIPZ) and Armado (ARM) were riled up and itching to claw each other’s eyes out. As Mallows and co. pulled down the lever connected to the gates, LIPZ and ARM engaged in what could be described as a “LIPLOCK” with LIPZ being the more dominant one due to its howlers such as Lachellen Katinshuell who fearlessly dive into the massive armies known as ARM. Round 1 indecisively goes to LIPZ. ARM delays the match-up with a DC call, breaking the LIPZANITY momentum. As round 2 kicks off, LIPZ gobbles up ARM with little difficulty taking time to chew them out in middle of the arena and swiftly swallows them with one easy gulp. GMs call LIPZ as the winners of the 2nd round and the 2nd eliminations match with a score of 2-0. They will face off with EMC in the semis.

After an hour of eliminations, GOM gear up towards the semis. The winner will compete with top 1 GG in the finals for the GOM title.
LIPZANITY vs Erotic Myronian Clan

LIPZANITY’s performance in the previous match-up registered itself to be a proper contender for GOM with its direct approach on incoming opponents. EMC deemed itself worthy of the title whilst proving that quantity is without a doubt, inferior to quality and this match made no difference with EMC outnumbered by around 20 people. Match-up started with round 1 and a DC call from EMC. An early crack in LIPZ momentum causes the guild their victory in round 1 with EMC spread evenly on the GOM floor taking their sweet time on nibbling at the opposing team’s defenses. A tug of war for dominance ensued at round 2. LIPZ was reinforced by some of the MWM Champions; nonetheless EMC was backed up by guild war veterans and consequently win the 2nd round tallying a score of 2-0 and proceed to the finals.

Erotic Myronian Clan beat LIPZANITY to the Finals. They will now face off against G G. Both guilds wasted no time in dillydallying over petty things such as DC Calls. A smooth recall was done and in a matter of seconds, both guilds found themselves immersed in each other’s blood. EMC and GG spread evenly on map; however pressure starts to build on the lower region of the map as EMC gradually focuses its offense attempting to cripple GG’s bottom defenses. Shadow Chaser Bizmarck foresees the plan and thwarts it by disabling EMC’s core Sorcerer Payat with the use of Masq-Ignorance. This relays a negative domino effect on EMC’s faltering defenses and consequently names GG as the victor for round 1.

Round 2 is right around the corner and is greeted with a DC call from both sides. DC’s were quite rampant last night. It’s either a combo-breaker or that they really do lack members. As soon as the break was over, and the battle commenced, the GG kids tip off the balance by 1 more round as their constant harassing of the opposing team with howls and disables on EMC. The arena’s air was heavy with bolts and jolts of electricity and excitement as G G’s only 1 win away from claiming the coveted Blue Burning Helm. The battle was preceded with a DC Call from GG. Neither guild stepped into the middle of the arena, maintaining a distance from each other. Said distance was brimmed with hell plants and thorn traps from both parties. EMC braced itself for the worst as GG moved in and clashed into Geffen pride. Unable to muster a counterattack to the vicious combination of quality, quantity and RO-gg.gif, EMC concedes and GG takes the title of July 2012’s Guild of the Month with a final score of 3-0.

QUOTE (Side Story. Interview with the Champion's Guild Master)
Mr. Mao is Chinese and needed a translator to grasp the questions of the interview, I would like to extend my gratitude to Godfellas the Sura for his assistance. He likes to use RO-gg.gif and laugh if he does not understand what you just said. 

MyRO!: This is your 2nd attempt at the crown, right? How different is this run from last time? What did you lack back then that you have now?
Mao: Mas madami na[ng] tu[mu]long sa aki[ng] guild. RO-gg.gif 
True to what Mao said, his friends were like dear family. As i interviewed him, many of them crowded and interrupted him. Some were congratulating him and some were just there for the sake of disturbing him. 

MyRO!: Was it difficult to bring down EMC? 

Mao: Oo, mahirap. pero swerti ako lagi e. RO-gg.gif
Godfellas: Lagi ka namang swerte e. HAHAHA!!

MyRO!: Any messages for those who believed that you can do it?

Mao: Salamat, salamat [sa] mga na[g]-help sa [a]kin. [Kung] wala kayo, wala [itong] BBH. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! RO-gg.gif Paayos na lang salita! 
Godfellas: Ibig sabihin nyan, salamat sa mga tumulong sa akin! Wala tong BBH kung wala kayo! HAHA!




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Led by Chenelyn Chenes

Top 5 Contenders for August 2012 GOM:
1. ONGBAK (Godfellas)
2. Charing (Chenelyn Chenes)
3. La ArMaDo Familia (Huwan Paulo Tanyedo Jr)
4. Cognoscenti (GrimJoe)
5. Bida Gaming (Weber)

1st Match: Charing won against Cognoscenti with a score of 2-0
2nd Match: Bida Gaming won against La ArMaDo Familia with a score of 2-0

Semi-final round:
Charing won against Bida Gaming with a score of 2-0

Charing won against ONGBAK with a score of 3-0


It's that time again folks. What do you mean it's that time again? I'm talking about the Guild of the Month. If you've been playing MyRO for sometime now then you know what it means but I guess you don't know anything about it yet since your just starting in the world. Then buckle up and sit tight because yours truly, Primo, will tell you what the Guild of the Month is all about.

The Guild of the Month or G.O.M. for short is a swashbuckling, bloody spatting, arrow swatting, and wish-washing magic that is held every first saturday of the month where in 5 hungry guilds fight off for bragging rights, wealth and the shiny but illuminating Blue Burning Helm. Did I forgot to mention that it is hosted by our cute and lovely Game Masters. flag.gif

After a grueling month of competition, strategies, execution and alliances, five guilds emerge from the ashes to fight off and bring honor to their glorious hometowns. Huh? My lines are so cheesy? What do you mean my lines are so cheesy? Then don't read it if it's so cheesy.

*Ehem* Anyway, here are the five mythical guilds which were chosen to fight for the bloody night:

Alde Baran's very own ONGBAK led by Godfellas which after a series of defensive counter measures against invaders earns them the number one spot for the said event.

Geffen's magical Charing led by Chenelyn Chenes which despite defying odds earns them the second spot for the G.O.M. night.

From the sand streets of Upper Morroc, La ArMaDo Familia or L.A.F led by Huwan Paulo Tanyeda Jr. earns them the third spot after a series of battle campaign with other guilds. ninja.gif 

Hailing from the bustling streets of Upper Alberta, Cognoscenti led by GrimJoe earns them the fourth slot by contracting a mutual alliance with Geffen's proud and magical Charing.

And last but not least, Yuno's very own Bida Gaming led by Weber, who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, swept the competition like a massive hurricane earning them the final spot for the G.O.M. night.

Next up are the matching line-ups. G.O.M. rules state that the top 1 guild will automatically be in the final battle hence ONGBAK shall be on standby while the top 2,3,4 and 5 will battle it out as to who has the right to challenge the top dog which is ONGBAK. RO-no1.gif

(For more information regarding the G.O.M match up, click here)

First round of eliminations were up and it was a battle between Charing and Cognoscenti. Despite their alliance during the competition, they didn't see themselves here as an ally but as rivals. Charing won the first round of eliminations by completely crushing their opponents. Round 2 was no different as Charing also won the match. Cognoscenti was suddenly struck with a series of attacks from Charing after the GO signal of the game master. Charing has advanced to the semi-finals taking them one step closer to their goal.

Second eliminations for the semi-finals started off between Bida Gaming and La ArMaDo Familia. This match elimination was like deja vu. Just like Charing during the elimination rounds. Bida Gaming struck their opponents hard with a flurry of attacks. La ArMaDo Familia was completely decimated losing their chance to win round 1. Round 2 was no different as Bida Gaming completely dominated their opponents earning them a spot in the semi-finals. Bida Gaming will square off against Charing who won the latter in the earlier match.

The event is almost at an end. Semi-finals match squared off between Charing and Bida Gaming. Round 1 started off very different as both guilds hold their ground. After a few clashes with each other, Charing saw the opportunity to win as they exposed their opponents weakness in the bottom lane of the arena. Bida Gaming's bottom grouped earned a series of burning attacks from their opponents making them disarray and thus Charing earns the very first round. Round 2 started as Bida Gaming formed a defensive measure to Charings onslaught but Despite their heavy defenses, Charing crushed their opponents defenses like was it was cotton and thus Charing won the round earning them the spot for the finals. Charing earned the right to battle ONGBAK in the finals and getting the chance to grab the illuminating Blue Burning Helm.

The finale of the event is at hand. The final battle. ONGBAK versus Charing. Who will win? Who will grab the helm of bluish fire and earn their seats in the history.

Round 1 of the finals commenced. Charing used blitzkrieg tactics to devour the ONGBAK members. The ONGBAK members clearly see thru their opponents plan and hastily formed a counter measure, fending off Charings aggresive attacks. The two rivals were in stalement as both guilds fended off each of their attacks. Haii, a member of Charing, saw what it appears to be a hole thru the ONGBAK defenses. Exposing the crumbling defenses, he released a devastating Arrow Storm, pinning down the defenses. Charing saw the opportunity made by Haii as they quickly rushed their opponents, defeating them. Round 1 goes to Charing. The Charing guild was on fire and saw the momentum to win the finals after winning round 2 against ONGBAK. The Charings burning flame of victory, scorched the ONGBAK members to ashes after a series of clashes. Charing finally won the final match with a score of 3-0 and grabs the title of August Guild of the Month. 

Yours truly was given the privilege to interview the guild master of Charing after a few days of waiting due to his busy schedule. What, he's also a human, he has rights you know. ninja.gif 

MyRO!: As friends, we all know you as Felix or Serenade. How did your name came to be today?
C.C.: ang dapat na guild kasi ay yung Eisenwald talaga at ang pangalan ng sura ko dun ay Tarant**** Serenade. Ang kaso isang araw pa lang lumilipas ayaw na nila kasi napakagay daw ng name. *Chenelyn laughed* Kaya napaisip ako since gayish yung reason nila, gawin ko na din gayish yung guild ko. Nagbigay si Cial ng bagong guild name. Charing. Nagustuhan ko naman yung tunog kaya tinuloy ko na lang yung planong gayish guild at name. Si Janelle naman binigay sakin ng name Chenelyn Chenes. Mukang magkatunog naman kaya yun na yung ginamit ko.

MyRO!: So ano ibig sabihin ng ginamit mong mga pangalan?
C.C.: Charing daw sabi sakin expression daw ng mga gay yun pero yung Chenelyn Chenes di ko alam ano ibig sabihin. Kasi naman di ako gay eh. *Chenelyn laughed*

MyRO!: so what's the best quote which rhymes to your guild?
C.C.: The men of today is the women of tomorrow.

MyRO!: How did you came to be a GM?
C.C.: Para fair sa lahat, gumagawa kami ng palabunutan. Sa huli ako yung nabunot. Well si Pogs kasi sana ang tatakbo ulit ngayong month kasi last G.O.M. parang wala kaming palag dahil sa palagi dc. Mga nasa 40+ lang kami nun. Kaya para fair naman gumawa kami ng poll kung ako ba o si Pogs ang tatakbo. Pagkatapos ng ilang araw, ako yung nanalo sa poll.

MyRO!: Did you have a hard time during your run?
C.C.: Oo. Kasi paminsan, yung mga core members, wala. Busy sila sa pagaaral at work. Tapos may internal conflict pa sa guild, mababa yung score sa ladder. Halos mawalan na nga ako ng pag-asa eh, umabot na sa punto na gusto ko na ilipat yung sa pag gm. Kaya ko lang tinuloy ay dahil sa walang sawang suporta sakin ng mga kaibigan ko at pati na rin sa ally.

MyRO!: Did you ever think of losing the G.O.M.?
C.C: Oo naman. Pero yung takot ko nawala kasi medyo kumpleto kami nung araw na yun. Alam ko kung ano yung mga kakayahan nila kaya malaki tiwala ko sa kanila.

MyRO!: Sino nagcocommand sa inyo during G.O.M. match. May mga napansin akong mga strategies galing sa inyo. Kasi knowing you, di mo maiisip yan ng mag-isa eh. RO-heh.gif
C.C.: lol. sa mga plano at kung sino nagcocommand sa guild, si Harry at si Emil yung inatasan ko.

MyRO!: Any message to your supporters, friends and guildmates?
C.C.: Salamat po sa lahat ng mga tumulong sa akin. Sa Geffen, Alberta, Amatsu, EMC, Imbarkada, Lower Pront, Evergreen, sa MVPMW family ko saka sa lahat ng mga di ko kakilala na araw araw nagwowoe sakin kahit 100m lang sahod. Pati na rin sa ally guild kong Cognoscenti. Maraming maraming salamat sa inyo. At sa mga bumalik mula sa hukay na naglaro lang para tulungan ako, maraming salamat sa inyo.

MyRO!: Any message of encouragement for guild masters who also aspire to win the helm?
C.C.: Sa lahat na nangangarap na magkaBBH, palag palag lang kayo. Malay niyo, mangyari ulit yung nangyari sa GOM last month, edi instant BBH kayo. *Chenelyn laugh on the thought*

And that ladies and gentlemen is the end of my interview with the guild master of Charing. The guildmaster will take home a wealthy amount of fortune consisting of 10,000 mythril coins, 30 megaphones to shout and scream, 1 Expert Ring and the illuminating Blue Burning Helm. Congratulations to Chenelyn Chenes and to his guild, Charing, our August 2012 Guild of the Month.


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First Match : Intimidated [vs]La Hermandad
Intimidated vs La Hermandad

Second Match : GONYAKIS [vs] D oremi
GONYAKIS vs D oremi

Intimidated [vs] D oremi
Intimidated vs D oremi

Tinatagong Lande vs Intimidated

Round 1: Intimidated 
Round 2: Tinatagong Lande
Round 3: Tinatagong Lande
Round 4: Tinatagong Lande

[Thank you GM * Muffin * for that wonderful video coverage and GM * Popcorn * for the list and scores of the contenders wink.gif]

The article that you are reading right now will show you the difference between the word "nervous"and the word "anxious". The dictionary shows that the word "nervous" means "worried about something". For instance, you were in a player kill tournament for the first time, you're nervous because you are worried on what mayhem will befall on you whereas the word "anxious" means"troubled by disturbing suspense" which you can feel if you are experiencing lag on the time of your battle. It is because you would be troubled by the disturbing suspense whether will you be able to move quickly or the opponents will take advantage of it and kill you.

The Guild Master of Tinatagong Lande experienced those two words. Nervous because of their shortcoming points of ranking and anxious if they can still make it to the top.

From ABCDeanne's PR (public relations) gaming, VhalaZubash's afk gaming, oOMAOOo's confucius/translation gaming. Now, let's give it up for x Can Thought x's sona gaming!


QUOTE MyRO!: GM, anong masasabi niyo ngayong nasungkit niyo na ang BBH?

x Can Thought x:To tell you the truth, Speechless padin ako ehh. Hindi padin ako makapaniwala na ngaun eh may Gasulito na ako sa ulo. ha ha ha.. Isang pagkabuo nang Pangarap ang aking nararamdaman ngayon. Since, Trans Days, Pinangarap ko na yung maging GM at magkaroon ng Burning Helm. Akala ko nga dati hanggan[g] Pangarap lang. Pero eto ako ngayon, I made it. I Finally MADE it. 

MyRO!: Noong ranking, nahirapan ba kayong magkaroon ng puntos? paano niyo nalagpasan ang unos na yun?

x Can Thought xThat is the most difficult part nang pag takbo as a GM, yung magpa RANK. First Day palang ang hirap na. [n]anjan yung hindi ko alam kung sino ang magpa-pilot sakin. Hindi makahagilap nang members, I need to wake up early para lang makapag RGM due to different time zone kasi. Although madami pw[e]d[e]ng tumulong pero syempre diba ang pangit naman kung iaasa mo lahat sakanila. Super hirap nang first week para sakin at samin. hindi pa namin makuha yung chemistry ng bawat isa. But after a week or two, unti unti namin nakuha yung rhythm ng bawat isa, espcially sa pag RGM. Madalas ako mag panic, as in panic. 30 minutes before WOE time start. Palage ako napapaisip, Ganito lang kadami mag lalaro sakin, 30 p[eo]pl[e]. Kaya sobrang recruit to the Max ako, Kahit NPC/SG kht sino isasali ko magka tao lang sa Guild ko. Eh yun pala, Late lang talaga ang members namin, I didn't know that, but then I realized na ganon pala ang sistema nila. ha ha ha Bsta, sa ranking days, [n]anjan lahat nang paghihirap. [N]anjan yung may magkakatampuhan,magkakaalitan, mapapagod yung isa, susunod nadin yung isa. Kahit ako, super na pagod din pero worth it naman ang resulta. Doon ko na realized na "Walang Bagay na mahirap, Hindi lang tayo talaga Sanay"

MyRO!: Sino sino yung mga gusto niyong pasalamatan sa tagumpay na inyong namithi? ano pong masasabi niyo sa kanila?

x Can Thought xNako Po! eto ang pinaka ayaw ko eh Pasalamatan Portion. Baka may makalimutan ako at sumama pa ang Loob Sakin. Sa Sobrang Daming Tumulong sakin, Hindi ko alam kung sino UUNAHIN. Pero I will do my best para mapaabot ko yung PASASALAMAT ko sainyong lahat.

Unang una gusto ko mag Thank You sa lahat nang tao na nag WO-WOE sakin for the whole Month. Since the beginning of my Journey, [n]andun na kayo nakaalalay,sumakloklo,tumulong,nagpakapagod. My Mid Morroc Friends, Alam nyo kung sino sino kayo, salamat dahil kahit di nyo ako ganun kakilala nun umpisa di kayo nag dalawang isip tumulong.


Left Prontera Peepz! Sainyo Guys super hiyang Hiya ako kasi, nun umpisa kayo yung Ally namin pero I talked you d[i]ba kung pw[e]d[e] kung dito kayo samin mag woe nalang at hanap ako another ally. But, Hindi ganun un n[a]ngyari kasi may sarili kayong Woe. Pero nagkaintindihan naman tayo sa ganun. walang samaan na loob na n[a]ngyari. Ang maganda dun napagusapan kasi. Thank You talaga ng madami. Isa kayo sa mga solidong miyembro na meron ako. Thank You~!

UPMR BOYS! eto napakalaking pangkat na bumubuo sa Guild ko.Sobrang Kumpleto palage. Kung wala kayo guys hindi ko mararating kung asan man ako ngayon. salamat sainyo ng madami. salamat sa loob ng isang buwan na samahan. Hindi man tayo nagkakilakilala bawat isa. Pero as a whole na UPMR. I know you all guys. Keep it up. THANK YOU ng M[a]DAMI.

YUNO BRIGADE~~ One of the largest portion yet fun and solid members ng Guild. Eto ang sister town nang ALDEBARAN. Ang mga taga Yun-Oh! Eto ang kadikit nang bituka nang Alde Boys. You Know what Guys, Di ko alam kung pano ko kayo pasasalamatan. Hindi ko man kayo maisa-isa sa pangalan. Pero as a FAMILY, I just wanna send my deepest gratitude sainyo. THANK YOU VERY MUCH sa lahat nang tulong. Kung wala kayo, wala din ako kung ano man meron ako ngayon. 

DOREMI CREW! eto ang ally na kakarampot pero my ibubuga padin. Hindi ko talaga alam guys kung paano kayo nag END UP sa list ko para maging ally. Anyway, wAla akong pinag sisisihan at kayo ang kinuha kong ally. kahit pa nun umpisa hirap na hirap tayo gwa nga nang wala kayong members palage. pero pinatunayan nyo na di sa dami nakukuha ang tunay na lakas, kundi sa tagal ng pagsasamahan. K[a]hit na 25-30 p[eo]pl[e] lang kayo. You GUYS RAK THE WORLD OF MYRO esp. WOE TIME! SALAMAT SA ISANG BUWAN NA SAMAHAN.Sana Dumami pa yung Members nyo. SALAMAT din kasi ginive-up nyo para sakin yung GOAL nyo talaga na maging Breaking Guild. For that, eto lang masasabi ko. Hindi nyo man nakuha yung #1 Breaker at Maging Top1 Guild in breaking emps. So what, I WILL GIVE THE #1 ALLY OF THE MONTH para sainyo. It is more deserving role para sainyo, anong sense maging #1 Guild sa Breaking Emperium, eh kung paulit ulit na binabasag mo is small agits na wala kang nakakasabayan. Sayang ITEMS lang. Try Sumabay sa Big Agits jan mo mapapatunayan ang na LAKAS. 

Sa Bumubuo nang ALDEBARAN, Sa lahat ng TAMBAY, sa lahat nang TAO na anjan. Hi!! 

Hindi ko na kailangan isa isahin pa. sa Sobrang Dami baka may makaligtaan ako sumama pa Loob mo sakin.  As a whole Town, GUSTO ko magpasalamat sainyong Lahat. Para sa isang napaka memorable at Punong puno ng Experinece na Journey. Mula Day 1 until the END. Hindi nyo ako iniwanan, Despite of all hardship na napagdaanan nten. Kahit na daming Matigas ang Ulo, Mdaming nagkasamaan ng loob, Palaging Late, Palageng reklamo. Nalagpasan nten lahat nang mga bagay na yun. Para dun sa mga Consistent People na anjan palage para sakin at guild nten, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Sobrang I Appreciate Everything that you guys Did for me. Hindi ko alam kung saan ko kukuhain ang pasasalamat na ibbgay ko sainyo. bsta THANK YOU! Kayo ang dahilan kung bkt andito ako ngayon sa KASIYAHAN at KAGALAKAN na natatamasa ko. U GUYS MADE MY LIFE COMPLETE IN THE WORLD OF MYRO. SALAMAT NANG MADAMI, MADAMING MADAMING MADAMI!!

Boss Thor, Thank you ng Madami kasi di mo ako pinabayaan. Kahit pa na pagod ka na mag Pilot. In times of trouble and Sorrow, Hindi mo kame ma tiis. [N]anjan ka para tulungan ako at kame kpg hirap na hirap na. SALAMAT ng MADAMI!! 
Master Jun, Isa ka pa. SALAMAT NG MADAMI! Isa kadin sa mga malaking naitulong sakin kung bkt natupad ko ang Dream ko. naks! SALAMAT SA ISANG BUWAN na pag tiyaga. at Higit sa lahat, salamat sa pagbago nang Build ko nun GOM time. Daming Humiga! Binilang ko ehh., Iyak! 

Stall, Ikaw, You! Yes YOU!! Sir Chief, ang pinaka Punong Mahistrado nang ALDEBARAN. Ang Ka-Kabiyak ng Puso Ni Deanne. SALAMAT! YOU DID A GREAT JOB! esp nun GOM night. SORCE CHEMISTRY, PLAYS & STRATS! Pinag ISIPAN. and It Turned out well! Galing talaga! THANK YOU!

Deanne, AKA MALDITA! MALDITA nga sa TOTOONG BUHAY yun lang ang masasabi ko. JOKE! SALAMAT ATE DEANNE! LAKING SAKRIPISYO MO DIN para sa GUILD nten. Alam ko nakakapagod pero hindi mo sinukuaan hanggan sa HULI. MARAMING SALAMAT TALAGA!



MAO, IKAW CONFUCIUS! ako wala sabi sayo. ikaw hindi ko intindi pag salita. Pero ako gusto sabi SALAMAT MAO. Kahit tayo iba nation. Tayo Kaibigan kasi ikaw tulong sakin. Dami mo Hatak Members. Siguro Ka damihan d[o]on eh business partner mo sa Tsina. ulit ko, SALAMAT MAO! Xie Xie!


sa bumubuo nang MYRO DEV'T, GM's and ADMIN. THANK YOU PO! 

If you ever peeled an onion, then you know that the first layer reveals another thin and another, and another, and before you know it tears keep rolling down to your cheeks, wishing that you had left the onion alone to wither while you went on with your life. In this way, the story of Tinatagong Lande is like an onion. So many problems, hardships and obstacles popping one after the other within the family but the Guild Master insisted to continue the battle. Looking forward to that special BBH crown to take home and enjoyed by the whole family. The complicated but overwhelming taste of this success makes this guild war for September exciting! Like so many unfortunate events in life, just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it isn't so.

Again, congratulations Tinatagong Lande led by x Can Thought x! You guys really made the odds be in your favor. th_lv.gif
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Geffen ‘Stirs’, Turns Tides, 3-2

by Carrie


“Ten. Kasi ‘di lang gamit ang pinapairal dito, pati talent at samahan ng bawat isa... ‘yon po ata kulang ng kalaban.” 

Propensity of procuring a definitive dominion is never diminutive, perhaps but intrinsic, when one is certain that victory will be taken. Such confidence is evident, when answer is unequivocally downright. 

“In a scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, one the lowest, how strong is Geffen?”

Rest is history.

Geffen guild and second-seed Stir it Up dissolves previous month’s upset, laying a final trump card to dispatchAldebaran’s Chukchakchenik in the taut Guild of the Month gamble for October, 3-2, last night, October 6, in the GVG arena. 

The legion’s leader KVH, though, put no poker face throughout the whole encounter. “Nag-aasaran pa rin kami kahit walang agit, parang wala lang sa’min,” KVH quips. “May halong revenge eh, para mabalik ‘yung pride sa’min at pangalan.. at medyo may halong kaba kasi nag 2-2,” he adds, describing the guild’s overall feel during the GOM saga. 

(For details about the October 2012 GOM Event, click Here!)

First match floundered with immediate action, springing up from Stir it Up and third-seed Add As A Friend smash; the former patching the early set by superb onslaughts, showing no apparent sign of defensive breakage. 


Add As A Friend, on the other hand, refused to go down to ashes without baffling the other by basking up a nasty fight in the second round, while SIU lashed signature blows meridian to meridian, driving the opposing infantry to be thinly defended. The Geffen crew, however, cannot be beat to grip a second win, racking up a 2-0 start en route to the semis. 

Fourth and fifth seeds Mid Morroc FinesT and Prontera With Love jarred next for the tightly-congested second wave of the eliminations, with MMF plying hard to deny a quick defeat in favour of the fifth-seed. Prontera junked solid swipes to keep the Morrocs at bay from stealing the decisive set, swarming the ring in expert fluidity in spite a number of members in NPC gala. PWL continued to dominate the next round, with notable guildsman A methystcrying incessant and nonsensical expletives during clash, 2-0. 

Semis dropped off with brisk fights; Stir it Up hovered on to conjure a deadly pack while Prontera With Lovegradually lost its form that won them in the previous rounds. Stir it Up rolled up and fractured the divergent troop into sizzling rammings, casually disposing the other guild into a well-grounded 2-0 output.


Finals erupted to a scorching showdown between rival towns, Aldebaran and Geffen, the former garnering more points in the ladder gaining an early lead in the tournament. The first round mounted an intense display of skills, magic and melee damages, creasing a long and exhausting match-off that harboured in Stir it Up’s side, 1-0, after a faulty DC call by Chukchakchenik in the middle of the head bang. Chukchakchenik swiftly responded in a deadlock, drastically showering SIU with nonstop blows and effective evasion of frontline attacks to retain their figure, 1-1. 

Both guilds wrestled on to abrade each other in forceful friction in the third round, while Chukchakchenik’s number momentously dropped as the raging reds seemed to eat the blues, lagging behind at 1-2 disadvantage in favour of the Geffen regiment. No choice left, Chukchakchenik could not afford to fall back and forfeit the title; hence, tousling the game back to their side via quick offense, bombarding Stir it Up with winner tactics to flank the scores at 2-2. 

Fifth round poised as a grand finale, both guilds glowering in might and pride to seize the October title away from each other. Stir it Up successfully regrouped to their old form that let them ditch the Alde horde, flusteringChukchakchenik into reaper exchanges. SIU raised their necks and coerced the Aldebaran squad to face the guillotine after a lengthy bloodshed, 3-2, cutting off the competition with KVH-led Geffen on top. 


“Para po kasi sa’kin ang labanan dito pride eh, saka respect,” KVH answered when asked about the tingling Geffen-Alde rift. “…masaya kasi nabalik po ‘yung pangalan ng Geff at respect.” 

Winning the championship joust, KVH received the infamous blue-flamed Burning Helm and perks such as a "Champion" Expert Ring [0], 10 billion zeny, and 30 megaphones. KVH, meanwhile, awestruck and overwhelmed of his sheer success, noted that he was not really expecting his efforts to get him this far and this big. “Sa totoo po nyan eh for fun lang po talaga kami kasi un iba sa’min nag-quit tapos po wala din po kami pang sal.. as in wala akong pang salary maski pang pots or 100M,” he laughed. 

(For details about the Guild of the Month Event, click Here!)

“Ahh, nagpapasalamat po ako sa lahat ng mga tumulong sa’kin, lalo na sa mga nag bigay ng pang pa-sal[ary] na sila Bert, Dave, Charm, Meric, Felix, Princess Sadira, Daemon Spade, at sa mga tropa ko na kahit ‘di kami nakakakuha ng Him[inn], ‘di nila ako hinayaang di makapasok sa GOM. Lalo na sa tropa ko na sila Mckoy, Sephi at Viroy,” KVHthanking all his friends and supporters in Geffen. “Nagpapasalamat din po pala ako kay Emil, Harry para sa mga tactics for WOE!” 

For opponents? “Para sa mga kalaban po namin, maraming salamat po sa nag TT sa’kin na free BBH!”

“Dedicate ko ‘tong panalo na to para sa Tropang Buo.. lahat ng kasali sa tropang buo eh bibigyan namin ng BBH. ‘Di po kami mag-quit.” RO-no1.gif




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Guild Of the Month for November 2012




Led by Relexence

Top 5 Contenders:

Celestial Being
Akatsuki Retribution


Extermination vs RPE (2-0)
Owned by Extermination ~

Celestial Being vs Akatsuki Retribution (2-1)
Owned by Celestial Being ~


Extermination vs Celestial Being (2-0)
Owned by Extermination ~


Extermination vs Bitech. (3-1)
Owned by Extermination ~


Congratulations! ~




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Christmas is the season of goodwill and love to all men. It's crowded, noisy and in the end depressing and it's mere days away. We all know that we've all given and received gifts that left us disappointed, but it takes a special combination of luck, faith and trust to give a memorable gift. An early but memorable gift is sent down from the heavens to be given to the Impulse guild.

Just the facts.

- Impulse guild is not from Aldebaran, its actually from its sister town, Yuno.
- Their core usually wear their hat of Sun God (Solar God Helm) in which shows the image inside the circle at the middle of Yuno.
- Fck Ass, the GuildMaster behind the Impulse guild is known to all as, Weber.

Impulse as they conquer kingdoms.

As we all know, Weber is one of the best pilot GM across Rune-Midgard. If you wondered why now? why this month? so many why's that he silenced me with his ONLY reason, "Nung nameet ko si Chelle Ventura, sabi ko sa sarili ko for GOM na ako <3""

A battle between two evenly and determined opponents is the kind of stuff that makes history but sometimes they are too evenly matched that the fight goes on, and on, and on that one must outwit the other in order to disturb the balance especially if you have an allied guild, "Hindi naman ganun kapulido yung team up namin.. Syempre may mga mali rin na galawan minsan, pero in the end ok naman. About kay tonee at geff malakas sila sa GOM eh pero sa woe hindi sila ganun kalakas.. Hindi mo na kailangang maging genius para magets yung plano kong ilaglag sila." 

Yuno as they run for GOM.

As the time goes by, Yuno players depleted in number. They maybe few but it didn't stop them from reaching their goals, "Paniguradong sa daming nawala samin kawalan talaga yun pero kailangan mo pa ring lumaban kahit kulang kayo. Maraming salamat talaga sa mga sumuporta sakin. Hindi lang naman Yuno, pati na din Alde pips, Pampanga Manyaman Gaming, Chubibo, Upper Pront, UPMR at LP.

King Bash of Aldebaran: ako talaga nagdala ng lahat =))))
Shanelle Sofia: Julalay
Weber: Water boy ka sakin bash"

Now, Yuno holds 2 BBH. One is from VhalaZubash last March, 2012 and the second one is from Impulse, "Para sakin wala namang pinagkaiba. As a group ok, pero sa personal achievement na rin siguro sa dami kong ups and downs sa larong to. Salamat sa tumulong malaki man o maliit super thank you. Sa mga naglaro kahit busy sa kanilang buhay buhay, sa lahat."

The guild recieved alot of prizes but mind you, they got something better.. strong bond of friendship. Take it from Fairy tail's guild master, "Today's defeat becomes the seed of tomorrow's victory!" th_ok.gif


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Guild Of the Month for January 2013
Naked And Famous
Led by Thnetosia XI


Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Loyalty is returned.

The Burning Helm of Champions was considered an honorable item given to guild masters who masterfully commands his members and leads the charge in every battle. Though I say that, it was only given to the guild masters who win the prestigious Guild of the Month which was held every first Saturday of the month.

Before Aldebaran and Geffen were considered the two superpowers save, there was a savepoint called Prontera. Prontera was held with utmost talent from all jobs respectively. Prontera was last seen wearing the burning helm during the Transcend Era where high wizards, lord knight and such was evident everywhere. Prontera held great pride of making such talent during this time. Prontera during the Trans Era was split into 4 and made promising people become champions. Bugil of Upper Pront, Pii Woo of Rose Croix and Left Pront's Imbarkada Team were some of the people which made Prontera known throughout. During that era, Morroc, Gonryun and Prontera was held with utmost talent during that time. *Ehem* I seem to be getting off the topic sorry about that. Without further complications (and segway topic) let's move on to the matches.

Top 1 Guild was Naked and Famous followed by ONGBAK, Silver Rhythm, Akatsuki for Fun and Unico Hijo respectively. So the match will be like this according to the rules:

ONBAK vs Silver Rhythm and Akatsuki for Fun vs Unico Hijo.

The event started off with Guild ONGBAK decisively winning the match with precise decision and tactics against Silver Rhythm.

The next match was between Akatsuki for Fun and Unico Hijo. It was what you would call the bloodbath or something along those lines.

Round 1 started of with a clash on the mid lane and stalement ensued between the 2 guilds. If you know DOTA, one part of the lane must be pushed then destroy the enemy base in order to win. That norm materialized here as Akatsuki employed a pincer strategy against Unico Hijo. It became possible after some of the Akatsuki members successfully pushed the top and bottom lanes of the arena. Round 1 was given to Akatsuki.

Round 2 started off with Akatsuki immediately rushing off to the territory of Unico probably trying to defeat them in one fell swoop but their strategy failed because of Unico's tight defenses. Akatsuki divided their attacks from top, mid and bottom to diminish Unico's defenses. Unforeseen scenarios eventually made miracles. Unico's Warlock Mao foresaw the incoming attack and immediately intercepted them with a handful of members to the top. Akatsuki unable to foresaw that scenario was immediately unable to impose a counter attack. To further the complication, their attack to the bottom was pushed back. Their strategy which was the Pincer Strategy failed tremendously with most of their members lost during the ongoing strategy. Unico's Guild Master saw the change of tide and immediately charged forth changing from defense to offense. The ending conclusion gave Unico Hijo round 2 with Akatsuki now tied with a score 1-1.

Round 3 started the conclusion of the bloodbath. After the go signal, Akatsuki's scouting members, the sura, moved in to Unico hijo but was soon retreated after seeing the defense. After the retreat of the scouting party, with some hidden power or unknown reason, Akatsuki's Genetic, Burnekinator, dived in to howl the enemy army but was immediately foiled and was sent to the ground kissing the hard floor. After a few minutes, both guilds entered stalement once more. Akatsuki once again employed the Pincer Strategy to destroy the stalement. Unico's Sorcerer, Professor Enan, saw the attack and immediately directed some of its members to intercept but it failed. It came to my attention that a bulk of Akatsuki's members attacked the top which was why Enan's intercept failed. The ending conclusion gave Akatsuki the score after successfully employing their Pincer Strategy.

Akatsuki for Fun will be facing ONGBAK for the Semi-finals to determine who will fight the top seeded guild Naked and Famous.

Round 1 started with a very straight forward rush from ONGBAK. Akatsuki immediately put on defense to defend their very lives. It entered a stalement when ONGBAK unable to penetrate their defenses. On the Akatsuki's side they quietly employed their pincer strategy. The strategy would have been successful if not for a warlock who saw the division of enemy members attacking the bot lane and thus relayed the information before he was put down. With the information at hand, Stallicity ,ONGBAK's Commander, relayed commands to intercept the dividing members. They were given a point against Akatsuki after a successful interception.

Round 2 was much the same as round 1 but the difference this time is that Stallicity foresaw the enemy guild's strategy quickly employed counter-measures against it giving them the point and authority to face the top seeded Naked and Famous Guild.

Finals match was between the alliance and rivalry of Naked and Famous and ONGBAK. Both guilds clashed round after round. Bodies dropping everywhere around the arena. The conclusion of this rivalry gave Naked and Famous the win with a score of 3-1 against their rival.

After the eventful night, I asked Thnetosia XI, gm of N.A.F, to be interviewed and thus happily obliged me and scheduled with me the day after tomorrow. When it was time I saw him somehow nervous and thus asked permission if he can bring a few members. Among the few members he mentioned were Rune Knight EricRoyal Guard Bryheiu and lastly, the core pillar of the guildLachellen Katinshuell. I didn't reject his consent since it's about his guild's interview. Anyway let's skip this minor details and now I introduce to you Naked and Famous' Guild Master, Thnetosia XI.

Primo: Ok sir please introduce yourself.
Thnetosia XI: Hello guys I'm Thnetosia also known as Jar by many and a full born Left Pronterian.

Primo: Now that the introductions are out of the way, let's begin with your questions. First questions, why did you become a guild master?
Thnetosia XI: Masarap kasi magdala ng guild.

Such a simple answer to a simple question I thought. His member Eric commented "actually walang ibang alam na character yan. Reloc lang na master." Such words from his members I thought again but it was this words from Lachellen Katinshuell that made sense. She commented "Kasi sabi ko" that made a clear impression of me. What a scary member he's got. RO-wah.gif

Q.2: Other than you, is there anybody who wanted to run for GOM?
Thnetosia XI: I think si Jun Jun ng Macworld Clan gusto niya ang kaso busy siya sa work saka salitan kami dito since paminsan busy din ako sa work.

Q.3: What is your goal?
Thnetosia XI:Main goal namin is rare items, yung BBH at yung fun sa woe. Then gusto ko ibigay sa Left Pront ang kauna unahang BBH.

Q.4: How did you prove to the community that you can own the night?
Thnetosia XI: Trust sa members and friends and of course kinakabahan ako nun. We need to reach that far trusting my members and the nervousness gives me an excitement.

Q.5: I heard a rumor that because of you Left Pront became poor. Is this true?

Thnetosia XI and his member Katinshuell suddenly burst out a laughter. Is my question out of topic? Sensing my confusion, the guild master answered my little question followed by a side comment from her.

Thnetosia XI: All of us became poor and the NPC players was no exception. Tulungan lang. Lahat yayaman if may yaman na makukuha, lahat din nagsakripisyo. pag walang pang sahod, walang pang invest.
Lachellen Katinshuell: TRUE! But everyone is willingly given of course.

Oh so everyone is willing to give. Well it did turned out well in the end anyway so I didn't pursue my unending questions about the rumor.

Q.6: Who among the members of your guild are your hands and legs?
Thnetosia XI: Of course si ate nikki ang nangunguna dun then Team Left Pront with Team Alde and Team Macworld Clan.

Q.7: Now that you have finally accomplished your goal, that is to win and earn the Blue Burning Helm, how do you feel?
Thnetosia XI: of course masaya, nakahinga ako ng maluwag. there is no guarantee that we will win the GOM night and earn the crown. dumanas kami ng paghihirap, namulube at konting takot pero in the end it was all worth it. First BBH to ng Left Prontera at ako ang nagdala nito. Happy ako kasi di ako napahiya sa mga tumulong sa akin. 

Q.8: Any thanks to your members and supporters?
Thnetosia XI: Pinasasalamatan ko nga pala, unang una ang Team Aldebaran sa binigay nilang pagkakataon sa akin for GOM this month. Nagpapasalamat din ako sa Team Macworld Clan na hindi ako iniwan at sa Left Prontera Family ko. Kila Boss PJ, Eric, Ge, Nikki, Kevs, Bry, Riguwi, Basil, Jelo, sa Team SR na hindi ako pinabayaan at todo sumuporta sa akin. Kila Deanne, Chad, Chadskie, Guen, Drei, Bruce, Stall, Bash. Sa mga taga GS ko na nagaagawan at naguunahan para lang matayo ang GS. 

Rune Knight Eric reminded his guild master about his NPC members since a bulk of his guild are composed of those hard worked NPC geared players. Thnetosia XI hearing that continued his word of thanks.

Thnetosia XI: Sa lahat ng NPC members ng Left Pront na hindi ako iniwan. Kahit na napapagalitan ko na sila, hindi nila ako binitawan at iniwan kahit na walang sahod lagi. At salamat sa Team Alde, Yuno, Bitech, Chubibo at sa Left Prontera Family ko. Sa Team Ampaw, Alec, Kenneth, Chito, Ayhan, Junmar na kahit bihira lang mag online, kay Kheil at sa iba pang miyembro ng Ampaw na palagi sumusuporta. Last but not the least sa mga NPC members ko. Hindi ko sila ipagpapalit sa mga FG palyers na walang alam kundi maghintay ng EC sa save point. Mas mahal ko ang NPC ng Left Pront kaysa sa FG na tamad. Si Mel, Tim at Wang din muntik ko na makalimutan. 
Sa mga AFK players ko na nagbabantay ng GS ko at nagtataboy ng mga kalaban at pumapatong sa GS pag nagdedef kami. At sa mga hindi ko nasama sa bati ko, mahal ko kayong lahat pero laggers ako X_X. At sa lahat ng mga nakalaban namin, kung hindi dahil sa inyo, hindi masaya ang WOE at GOM. 

Q.9: Any words of encouragement to other guild masters who want to run for the crown.
Thnetosia XI: If gusto nila tumakbo sa GOM dapat ready sila sa hirap na mararanasan nila sa isang buwan. Walang urungan, walang tampuhan, lahat dapat tulung-tulong especially ang core members. There should be chemistry between the guild master and the members. Difference in opinion during woe should not be taken personally and seriously kasi yan ang makakasira ng samahan if sobra nilang seseryosohin. Any guild can run for GOM night, Left Pront has proven that. Di naman malakas ang guild, but sometimes having the right mixture of guild master, members, friends and ally is better than brute strength.

Truly words of encouragement. He has earned the aura of a champion still having the traits of a humbling person. Congratulations to Thnetosia XI for winning the Guild of the Month for January. He has earned 10,000 mithril coins to share for his members, an expert ring fitted for the size of the champions figer, the title also and the crowning achievement of this event which is the Blue Burning Helm. Clearly he has achieve all of this with the help of his friends and loyal members. Thus ending this humble interview with yours truly. Before we parted ways. I asked him a simple quote that best describes his guild and members.

Thnetosia XI: Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Loyalty is returned.

Clearly the words of a champion. A fitting quote for his guild and members. Congratulations again to Naked and Famous for winning the Guild of the Month for January. I'll see you guys next time and I bid you adieu for today. flag.gif


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February may be the shortest month of the year, but that didn't stop the troops of C h u b i b o from winning the elusive Guild of the Month crown and carving their names in history last February 2, 2013.

C hu b i b o, armed with the roster of Aldebaran's finest warriors and led by xChadskie, manhandled the squad of RP Most Wanted in a convincing 3-0 victory. The entire bout lasted less than an hour; each round was a vivid picture of what will happen when an unstoppable force like C h u b i b ocollides with an immovable object.

The first round showcased C h u b i b o's fiery determination; members swiftly swarmed to RP Most Wanted's corner, showering them with a surfeit of spells and skills that sent bodies to the floor. Members of RP Most Wanted were virtually not given any chance to retaliate, and can only hope to do better on the next round.

GOM Night's 2nd round, however, was no different. C h u b i b o's troops catapulted themselves to their foes after the go signal was given, catching RP Most Wanted off guard. The valiant soldiers ofRP Most Wanted tried their best to hold off the barrage of C h u b i b o using experience and sheer fortitude, but the latter proved they were simply on a different level compared to any of the event's participants.

"UMISKOR NAMAN TAYO KAHIT ISA!" said a member of RP Most Wanted, hoping he could ignite others, and perhaps force a glorious comeback.

When asked if he felt victory was already at hand with two effortless wins, C h u b i b o GM xChadskie answered with a very audacious statement. "Nung 3rd round, bumibilis na ang puso ko; nae-excite. [Kapag]SOLID AT MASUNURIN LANG NG MEMBERS = GG [na]".

As the deciding third round unfolded, C h u b i b o went all-out, unleashing their unforgiving powers over their adversaries, then went on to win the prestigious GOM Title for February. No one, apparently, was eliminated on C hu b i b o's side as the entire arena was crowded with the guild's iconic emblem.

C h u b i b o took home the elusive Blue Burning Helm, along with a few PODs and Megaphones, and the ultimate bragging right for supremacy all throughout MyRO. xChadskie took the opportunity to thank all of C h u b i b o's supporters and believers, declaring the guild will not be where it is if it weren't for them.

"First of all, SALAMAT kina DEANNE, STALL, BRUCE, JED, JAMES, CLAY, GUEN. SAKIN MGA BUTIHIN PILOT, [na sina] CHAD, THOR, AT DREI, pasama pala BASH at KEITH. [Salamat] sa buong ALDE, YUNO, LP, BITECH, BOMBIT... Kina ANDREI, JIM, MEL, DAN, MARKO, YAJ, PAO, GER, KEN. Si LUKZ at SHAKZ pa pala dun sa CHUBIBO BROS... At sa mga di ko nabati, salamat sa support. PARA SA ALDE TO!"

xChadzkie leaves upcoming participants with a few words to ignite their GOM campaign.

"Wala sa pera or PODS ang lakas --NASA TALENT!"


Congratulations to C h u b i b o for winning the February Guild of the Month Title!!! 
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ONGBAK led by Godfellas 





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Dissonance: Force Majeure crashes G enocide, causes uproar, 3-0


by Carrie


Summer rolls in scorchingly along with the all-power cast of Force Majeure, quenching the Aldebaran horde G enocide for a 3-0 casualty in the finale to squarely seize the April Guild of the Month tilt last April 6 at the guilds war arena. 

A ‘Majeure’ rivalry

The victory concedes a second Blue Burning Helm to the Left Prontera dug-out, having previously clinched the title last January for the Naked And Famous guild captained by Thnetosia XI. 

“Wala ko maisip na guild name,” Dr Acula shared after the event. “Nagtanong ako sa groups kung ano masa-suggest nila, may nagpost ng Force Majeure… natawa nga ako ‘di ko akalain guild name ko yung mangyayari sa akin ngayon.” 

The second seed and eventual champions cleanly dominated the eliminations, leaping up to break lust against Horde Death, rounding the latter in knots in a breezy first set. Majeure reprised its first-hand control over the game to take the second set, wrecking Horde via prick onslaughts to order a 2-love score en route to the semis. 


(For details about the matches for the April, 2013 Guild of the Month Event, click Here!)

Armed And Loaded grazed with o Carnage o in thick friction in the next elimination match; ‘Loaded’ winning the opening joust by suppressing o Carnage o to the edges in the first set. The ‘Loaded’ guild went on to cap off the win in the second by taking reaction time away from the latter guild to harness defense, nailing an impressive 2-0 as pay-off in advance to the next round.

Force Majeure, on the other hand, dampened Loaded’s winning streak, quashing the Right Prontera infantry down in the first round, with both guilds ostensibly thrashed onto a centreline showdown. The Left Pronterans continually treaded on their momentum by taking the lead in the second set, swarming all over Armed And Loaded to crush the resistance, ultimately booking a spot on the finals in a not-in-a-slight hapless 2-0 record. 


Finals reeled up to a heated face-off between the two top seeds of the April ladder; the first round launching in a razzing meet-up with both sides denying to relinquish the advantage. The Left Prontera militia, however, tactically maneuvered the game to outplay the G enocides, delivering hard-hit blows without trading-off their well-fortified defenses, fully exploiting their sheer number. Majeure continued to push the Aldebaran troop to their limits in the second round; consistently swatting the latter’s efforts to tuck a point, and hastily snapping the exchange in a decisive blitzkrieg and wave-like fashion, 2-0. The third set, on the other hand, ended quickly with Majeure on top, dispatching their foes offhandedly to instigate an insolent sweep, 3-0. 

Force to reckon with

Force Majeure, una sa lahat kung bakit ‘di kasi talaga dapat ako magrarun for GM ngayon buwan,” Dr Acula said. “Wala e ‘di ko inexpect yung ganito, una sa lahat nag-run ako para ‘di lang mawalan ng WoE ‘yung LP – ayaw kasi nila yun. Plano ko lang is dapat talaga – gustong gusto ko to gawin – e magpa-top ng Breaker, kaya nga totoo nga sabi nila expect the unexpected. Tinamaan ako dun.” 

Not bad for the second seed, upsetting two guilds before stunning the top seed G enocide in the final, and not dropping a set the whole tournament. 

“Nagkaroon lang kami ng strategy nung oras na ganito, di-nown kami… sa gameplan at strategy nagpapasalamat ako diyan kay Jar, magkasundo kami. Sunod is pag sa WoE si Kevz. ‘Di mabubuo gameplan namin kung wala si Kevz at Ate Niks kasi sila 'yung mahilig magbuo ng GS sa WoE... pag nag GS na ‘yan matik na Def Mode. ‘Di kasi kami magaling sa offfensive, alam naman namin at tanggap namin. ‘Di sapat gamit namin para maging killer so teamwork is must ‘pag defense,” Dr Acula added. 


Upon triumphing, Majeure guild master Dr Acula pocketed Expert Ring[0], 10,000 Mithril coins, 30 megaphones, and of course, Left Prontera’s second burning helm. Runner up G enocide received 6,000 Mithril coins and 15 pieces megaphones, while Armed And Loaded guild was conferred 3,000 Mithril coins and five megaphones. 


(For details about the Guild of the Month Event, click Here!)

“Siyempre unang-una sa lahat para sa LP kahit minsan disagree sila sa mga plan ko… sunod sa core ng LP like sila Kevz, Jay, Ate Niks, Kuya Ge, Papa PJ, Jar, Ayhan, Kenneth, Jello, Iji, Tim, Benj, Peter, Japz, Emery, Tin, Kulas, Laine, Ate Jenn, Ate Sol, Sidd, Papa Eric, Mel, Basil at ang dami nila baka magalit ka kasi pag sinabi ko lahat. Sunod maraming salamat kila Aya syempre, kay Ros, tol Heaven, at kay tol Riz ng izlude – nagpapasalamat talaga ako sa kanila, sabi ko nga sa kanila ‘kung wala kayo, wala din ako,’ kaya ang laki ng utang na loob ko sa mga taong yan… pati din kay Kio siyempre dahil sa guild name na binigay niya sa akin pati kay Raybi, kahit minsan wala yan, ‘pag need namin ng help andiyan yan,” Dr Acula expressed his deep gratitude to all who supported him. 

“Para sa ally na tumulong kanina, lahat tayo deserving sa pagkapanalo na ‘to, kasi lahat tayo sang-ayon, sa mga kaaway. Wala ko masabi thank you pa din, at I love you all MyRO community, NPC ka man or SG or FG ‘di masama mangarap. Ako nangarap ako one day gusto ko magka-BBH pero nag-iba pananaw ko nag-start ako sa MyRO walang kagamit-gamit… naalala ko tuloy mga tumulong sa akin, sa totoo lang isang beses lang ako bumili ng gamit para sa char ko… eto lang din masasabi ko: sa laro kailangan mo makisama; sa mga newbie out there, balang araw ikaw mismo tatayo dito sa kinakatayuan ko ngayon kung ipapagpatuloy mo maging dreamer; at huli kung masasabi sa lahat MARAMING SALAMAT MyRO dahil naging parte to ng buhay ko sa cyber world!” RO-no1.gif


Whereas the GOM has ended, the build-up of rage has yet to peak. And that is, certainly, something to look forward to. Warmest congratulations, Force Majeure!






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GOM for May 2013
Coup de Grace
Led by o D eviant



by xPRIMOx


The night of Honor is at Hand. The Moon shines Brightly to the Valiant warriors of chosen. The stage is set for the most Brutal Battle of the month, a war that is brewing many moons before. Its time for Steel and Magic to once again dance to the Drums of war, To fear the presence of Beauty and Beasts. And be wary of the Shadows.

The champion guild is only chosen among the best 5 guilds. The chosen ones are Coup De Grace,Talk ShitU nicoHijo F amiliaLa Amistad and o Carnage o battling others everyday in order to have a chance to prove in the whole Midgard world that their guild is among the greatest of the greatest of them all. Hosting the bloody event are the guardian valkyries Mocha, Nutella, Kitkat, Popcorn, Skittles, Almonds, Twix, Reeses and Mallows. They oversee the whole event till the end on the orders of Admin who is silently watching from the shadows.

Before the event started, o Carnage o forfeits their right to compete in the match for reasons I don't know but this didn't blocked the event as it proceeded it's scheduled time.

First Match was between Talk Shit and UnicoHijo Familia facing each other. The match was overly a landslide on the pace of Talk Shit as they grabbed the rounds with overwhelming charge and destructive power making the U nicoHijo F amilia unable to retalliate on both rounds. Talk Shitobviously won this match in the elimination round and thus moving on to the semis match.

The second match of elimination was supposed to be La Amistad and o Carnage o. Since o Carnage o forfeits before the start of the event, La Amistad moves on the semis match to face Talk Shit on the battle of supremacy.

Semis match round one between Talk Shit and La Amistad started with both guilds sending off their Sura members to scout each others strategy. As expected, both guilds competed on mid ground as they feel each others attack but this didn't take too long as the pace on Talk Shit is slowly giving them a bit of ground thereby moving forward bit by bit. In response to their slow forward, La Amistadscattered their members to encircle their opponents. Despite of this encirclement, Talk Shit continued their charge while picking off member after member of their opposing enemy giving them the win after following them and cornerning them on their backs. Round two was a bit different as La Amistad charged forth with reckless abandon on their opponents. Seeing the charge, Talk Shit's member Harry Potter gave the command to meet their charge to show them that they got the superior members. As expected, Talk Shit won the second round by showing their opponents that they cannot win and that they have the superior members between the two. 


A faithful encounter between two save-points met on the stage of finals. Alde's defeat last month in the hands of their rival, Left Prontera, still lingers in them and that the promise of rebanse (a street basketball term) will be returned to them with a hundred fold. The promise of rebanse was given to the hands of their strategist and commander Stallicity, a sorcerer and member of Coup De Grace, to fulfill. A heavy task and pressure was given to him by his guild master which most member would show panic. This pressuring task will continue until they meet and beat their destined rival. But for them to face their rival again, they must first pass this obstacle and continue winning so that one day, they will meet again...on the stage of finals.

Finals Match, Round one started off as they both used their sura members to scout against each other. As expected of two strong guilds, they showed calm and composed patience as they entered deadlock on mid ground. The deadlock suddenly got destroyed because of a certain sura namedxKryptonite. From out of nowhere, he swooned on the battlefield like a true hero, sacrificing himself on the process after using his Curse Circle technique. Locking a massive area of enemies, the deadlock on mid ground was destroyed giving Stallicity the chance to order the members to charge forth. The genetic's leader and platoon leader My Sweet Serenity led the charge on the battlefield towards their enemies followed by his company of genetics. The company of genetics were like an elite of cavalry knights disrupting the enemies flow of strategy. With the collapse of the enemies defensive line and the charge of the company of genetics, the other members charged forth to enemy territory plucking their members on the process. With this, round 1 was given to Coup De Grace.

Second round started and just like the beginning of the first round, both guilds used their sura members to scout and entered deadlock on mid ground. Feeling each others strategy and attacks,Stallicity ordered the members not to dive lightly as they will be plucked out on the process. Deadlock continued in a few minutes but suddenly got destroyed when enemy sorcerers got themselves on a thorn trap by genetics. With them trapped, members of the Coup De Grace focused their attacks on the trapped sorcerers. My Sweet Serenity again charged forth with his company of genetics to disrupt the enemy members. While some of the platoon got defeated, the objective of disruption was a success and just like round 1, Stallicity commanded the members to charge forth with the primary objective to crush their enemy warlocks because of their huge destructive power. Talk Shit was unable to fend off the attack and thus relinquishing the second round to their opponents.

With one more win towards the event, Guild Coup De Grace will not be denied. Of course Guild Talk Shit will give their all to reverse the situation and will not be denied of their presence as well.

Third round of the finals. The coming climax of both rivals will be revealed in this fight. Just like the beginning of the two rounds, both guilds sent their suras and entered deadlock on mid ground. Fate and Destiny interjected and made their blessings on one guild in this climax. The situation in the second round happened again as the sorcerer members of Talk Shit got trap again on the thorn traps of genetics. And again just like the second round, Stallicity commanded them to rush forth.Coup De Grace finally got the conclusion they wanted. The promised rebanse got fulfilled. Coup De Grace won the 3rd round after the charge of the genetic platoon on enemy territory. 

Stallicity's promise to this certain guild master will continue onwards till the destined promise has been fulfilled. For now, he didn't stay too long to see his colleague and friend being crowned as May's Guild of the Month. As for me, I asked to be teleported on the battlefield to get a scheduled interview to this certain guild master. He humbled me with his kingly presense and agreed to the scheduled date which was the day after the event. Getting paper and pen ready, I didn't get enough sleep as I got excited to the faithful day and at last it came. 

Without further ado. I give you the leader of Coup De Graceo D eviant himself.

Primo: Hello GM o D eviant. Please introduce yourself to others. 
o D eviant: First of all, Hi Fans! Maraming salamat dahil kung wala kayo, wala din ako dito ngayon sa spotlight. Second, sa Yuno and Alde family na andyan sa oras ng issue.

Primo: Who made the guild name?
o D eviant: thank you very much Google. RO-heh.gif

Primo: What made you think of running for GOM?
o D eviant: Actually I run for the event because of the coveted helm and fame which my me and my fellow colleagues to be more known and have a higher respect.

Primo: Didn't you run for the event last month?
o D eviant: Actually it surprised me na bigla ako pinatakbo for the event because there's a long line who supposed to run for the GOM but some of them aren't active or online because of life situations so the core decided that it was high time that they let me run for the event.

Primo: What happened last April?
o D eviant: We lost in the finals. The fight was 50+ vs 76 on the first round then it got worse on the second round. It suddenly became 40 vs 76. The game got so lag on the computer shop I played plus some of the members got disconnected. To make it worse, the guild is not fully fixed thus we lost last month. So after that, they concluded that they will help me again to run for the event. Parang rebanse sa street basketball.

Primo: Did you got a hard time scoring in the ladder?
o D eviant: No. Because all of my members are strong plus all of my pilot colleagues are IMBA. Yes they are what you would call IMBA. RO-gg.gif

Primo: This question is probably out of curiosity but please answer it. What made them call you Admin Junior?
o D eviant: Because they said I looked like Admin. They also said I'm his younger version. RO-heh.gif

Primo: What's your next course of action now that you have the helm?
o D eviant: Now that my goal has been fulfilled, I will be returning to active duty. Active woe member that is.

Primo: Do you have an inspiration while scoring for the event?
o D eviant: Of course. My inspiration are those past guild masters who are always doing their best to put their banner on top. 

Primo: Any message of thanks to your friends and supporters?
o D eviant: Message ko sa kanila...Guys masarap na mahirap maging isang guild master subalit kung nagkakaisa kayo at may puso sa ginagawa, masaya tayo manalo at sports man kung matalo dahil ganyan ang buhay. One of my professor said, 99% is built from hardwork while 1% is through real-life luck so guys wag kayo mawalan ng pag-asa pagandyan ang mga kaibigan mo, may magandang kalalabasan. Nagpapasalamat ako sa tumulong, sumuporta sa akin, nakinig sa 2 months na commands at pagtakbo ko sa event na to. Special thanks sa aking Alde Family at Yuno Family. Hindi na ako magsasabi ng mga pangalan kasi alam niyo naman sa sarili niyo kung sinu-sino kayo. Basta salamat talaga sa inyo. This is a great gift because I'm a GRADUATE na. th_sob.gif

Primo: Any message to aspiring guild masters?
o D eviant: Guys kayanin niyo yan. Hawakan natin mabuti ang ating mga members, mag-ayos agad ng guild ng maaga, mag-recruit kung kinakailangan. Members ang bumubuhay sa atin. Hindi natin sila pwede pabayaan. Kausapin natin sila kung may problem. Act and Think like a leader. Do your best and be patient. Makakamit natin ang inaasam-asam nating tagumpay. 

With that, my interview with o D eviant finished. Before I sent him away to rest, I asked him one last question..

Primo:Please give me your quote that best describes Coup De Grace and your members.
o D eviant: Coup De Grace is our guild. Power comes from the team. Friendship is built and forged and Revenge is for our enemies. 

Well that quote is quite unexpected I must say. With that, the guild master will take home a wealthy amount of fortune consisting of 10,000 mythril coins, 30 megaphones to shout and scream, 1 Expert Ring[0] and the coveted Blue Burning Helm of Champions. 

Congratulations Coup De Grace for winning the event Guild of the Month for May. May continuous blessings be with you and your colleagues always. I bid you farewell for now. flag.gif




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The rivalry between Omniscient and Slash GeeGee


by A D R i E L L E


The reign of Alde Baran has struck the midst of MyRO yet again. They've got their position of being the Guild of the Month for the second time around against their rival guild Slash GeeGee.

Here are the top 5 guilds who participated in the Guild of the Month :

1.) Omniscient led by Pawy

2.) Slash GeeGee led by Bosz Riz

3.) o Carnage o led by C r u n c h y 2 3

4.) Barney and Friendz led by xBig Beki Baldo

5.) D i s g r a c i a d a S led by DgS GM

Omniscient being at the number 1 spot automatically got the place in the finals.


Eliminations (Race to 2)

Match 1 - o Carnage o vs Slash GeeGee

Slash GeeGee immediately crushed the hopes of o Carnage o at the first round. They harassed them after the "GO" signal was given. The second round was just the same. They crumpled them like a piece of paper and just swept all their opponents to the ground. The easy win for Slash GeeGee moved them to the Semi-Finals.

Match 2 - Barney and Friendz vs D i s g r a c i a d a s

D i s g r a c i a d a s chickened out and forfeits, giving the easy win to Barney and Friendz hence, moving them to the Semi-Finals.

Semi-Finals (Race to 2)

The semi-finals was between the Slash GeeGee and Barney and Friendz. It was a vigorous first round for the Slash GeeGee as they've hold their strategy in getting in the mid of the arena after the "GO" signal and then slowly went in for the attack to their opponent. Barney and Friendz was trying to defend their position and slowly penetrating the defense of Slash GeeGee, but unfortunately they were simply overpowered by Slash GeeGee. Giving the first round to them. With the score of 1-0 in favor Slash GeeGee. At the second round, they went for their strategy in going to the mid of the arena and again slowly moving forward to Barney and Friendz. Once again Barney and Friendz stood up and tried to defend their position against the robust skills of Slash GeeGee. The Rune Knights of Slash GeeGee spammed dragon's breath on the face of their opponent giving them no chance of escaping. After a few minutes, they were able to dominate the game by defeating Barney and Friendz. The match ended with a score of 2-0 giving Slash GeeGee the spot in the Finals against the top 1 guild, Omniscient.

Finals (Race to 3)

At the start of the first round, Omniscient rushed their way to the mid of the arena and stood there waiting for Slash GeeGee's move. Slash GeeGee tried to slowly penetrate their defense but alas, they were not able to penetrate the defense of Omniscient. They've tried other strategies but none worked. When Omniscient noticed they were slowly tiring out, with no hesitations, they crushed their opponents like there's no yesterday and they were able to yield the victory for the first round.

Round 2 was a bit intense because Pawy, the Guild Master of Omniscient, dived in from out of nowhere so no one was able to back him up. The Omniscient was caught off guard that time but they still managed to block every single move that Slash GeeGee was making. They gave a lot of pressure in that round and the Slash GeeGee were thorn apart little by little. It ended up to a score of 2-0 in favor of Omniscient.

Slash GeeGee did some amazing things on the third round by simply making thier way to the top of the arena and they slowly entered the defense of Omniscient. The guild was a little shocked because they didn't knew that Slash GeeGee would do such thing. They turned the tables around and sent the sneaky Slash GeeGee back to their place. Slash GeeGee in turn made another strategy and tried to crush Omniscient into pieces. They were able to do so but they were also crushed into pieces. They backed off a little and took a last breath then with all their power, they forced their way to penetrate the defense of Omniscient but it ended up in futile because Omniscient knew that they were going strong so they made a counter strategy to send Slash GeeGee into the midst of a deep sorrow. Making the score 3-0 thus making them the Guild of the Month for June. * Clap Clap Clap *

Hard work has paid of for Alde Baran as they go home with yet another "Blue Burning Helm" in their hands. They never showed to their opponents that it will be easy competing with them.They never showed any signs of weaknesses to their opponents and as a matter of fact, they intimidated some of the guilds who wanted to run for Guild of the Month. Alde Baran is well-knowned to be the home of versatile players in MyRO. I guess they've proven it again.

Interview with Pawy

Who is Pawy?

- Paw lang talaga tawag nila sakin nilagyan lang nila ng "Y" para maging malande. HAHAHA.

What did you feel when you were able to take the number 1 spot in the ladder?

- Syempre masaya kasi nag bunga yung every woe day namin. RO-heh.gif

Speaking of WoE, did you have a hard time making it to the number 1 spot?

- Oo naman kasi madami din kami kalaban na town.

Who/What inspired you to run for GOM?

Pawy :  Mga tropa ko

A D R i E L L E : weh? no one special? RO-heh.gif

Pawy : Wala ah HAHAHA.


Pawy : Salamat sa Alde, Yuno, Sativa, Amatsu. Syempre kung wala kayo wala akong BBH Syempre salamat din kanila Deanne, Chad, Stall, Bruce, Snoop at sa ibang core ng alde at yuno. Maraming salamat sa inyo 

"Hanggang may tropa kang sumusuporta sayo, Go lang ng GO!"



Credits to Primo RO-no1.gif




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~Our way is unplanned and our path is unknown. Yet our journey is made whole, when we travel as one.~

When I heard the event called Guild of the Month, you'll imagine some bloody battlefield somewhere in the world of midgard, bloody gores like a human inside, cries of agony and despair or impossible odds. Well you guys are dead wrong. The Guild of the Month is a once in a month event where in guilds from all over Rune-Terra (sorry wrong world) I mean Midgard. 

The guilds that got inside after a month long battle of sieges are the Tale of Townso Carnage o,AscensionUnico Hijo with Love and the top seeded Troiz Desolei.

On the floor are the "Demis" (Demi-Goddess) Popcorn, Skittles, Mallows, Kitkat, Reeses, Nutella, Twix and Muffin. They are in a place called Battlefield Arena to host and facilitate the event so that no blood gushes out on their bodies. Also a reminder to all that they are not food and certainly not a kind of peanut butter brand or chocolate. Seriously they are not food so wipe those drools of your mouth.

Note: In the process of this event happening, no Poring kind has been harmed in the event so please rest assured. Seriously, they didn't die so stop with the glaring thing on me. RO-pif.gif

Now that the useless intro is out of the way, let us start with the imagination matches. Yes, imagination matches. Because I'm sure lots of people didn't got the time to watch that event so I'm here to let you dudes and dudettes help you imagine the matches.

Match 1 of the elimination round was between Tale of Towns vs o Carnage o. I could say this match. Well how should I say. It was a massacre on the part of o Carnage o. Because of low members and no strategy, Team o Carnage o bowed 2 rounds therefore T.O.T (Tale of Towns) moves on to the Semi-finals match.

Match 2 of the elimination round this time is between Ascension vs Unico Hijo with Love. This match is the bomb or should I say epic. Who knew the veteran guild known as Unico would get a hard time fighting off AscensionAscension got hold of round 1 because of perfect coordination and perseverance but their guts didn't last long as they bowed their ticket for the semis. Unico snatched what's rightfully theirs which is the ticket to the semi-finals against Ascension with a score of 2-1.

The semi-finals match is between the town that made an alliance in different places, The Tale of Townsand the veteran guild from Hugel, the Unico Hijo with Love. These 2 guilds from different locations will fight off in the battlefield arena to determine who will fight the top seeded Troiz Desolei for the blue Gasul crown I mean the Blue Burning Helm of Champions

The semi-finals which I thought to be an interesting battle turns out to be a one sided massacre. The guild named Tale of Towns just simply charged forth against the veteran guild Unico Hijo with Love. The members of Unico were simply paper in the eyes of T.O.T as they shredded, crushed and gave them despair with brute force. Unico bowed down to them and was unable to retaliate giving the T.O.Tthe ticket to the finals with a score of 2-0.

The finals is the finish line, the bloody action and last stop for this fun and meaningful event. Troiz Desolei and T.O.T are at the moment staring at each other and baring their fangs as they wait for the magical word that is keeping them unable to move and hacking each other to shreds.

The finals match was the very pinnacle of epic awesomeness as the members of Troiz Desolei grabbed the 1st and 2nd round because of their great coordination, careful strategy and the sacrifice of their shura Sky Net and xLhan. But the members T.O.T didn't gave them an easy win as they retaliated in the 3rd round because of a great surprise attack. The T.O.T's supposed to be comeback didn't last long as the strategist for Troiz, Mynameisofnoimportance, foresaw the same strategy and therefore employed a counter-measure as they snatched the winning round in the 4th round. With this, the event comes to a close as the mercenary guild from Yuno known as Troiz Desolei is crowned July's Guild of the Month as the boss, Admin crowns EL Angel Sativa. I was so excited because well it's a girl. I mean come on, it's a girl guild master. When are the chances that we have another girl guild master in the hall of famer but my enthusiasm died down when I heard that the guild master was a boy and not a girl. Ah my imagination, gone...like a puff of smoke.

Well anyway, I scheduled an interview with the girl...I mean boy guild master and he was obliged to give me a date and that date came the following day. Without further ado, I welcome you all EL Angel Sativa, the girl err I mean boy guild master of Troiz Desolei.

Primo: Introduce yourself to the myro community.
EL Angel Sativa: Pasalamatan ko muna lahat ng sumuporta sa pag run ko. Sa Alde, Yuno, Chubibo, Amatsu at sa Team ko EL Akatsuki Sativa at sa UP Trio, Maraming Salamat . Ako nga pala si EL Angel Sativa, founder ng mga Sativa, player mula 2008 sa town ng YUNO.

Primo: Why is your character female when biologically you're a guy.
EL Angel Sativa: Dati kasi nang chichixilog ako kaya babae ginagawa kong Character. Hahah. Joke! Gusto ko lang ng babaeng Char kasi nakakasawang ang lalake.

Primo: Why is the guild named Troiz Dezolei. Who came up with the name and what is the meaning of the guild name?
EL Angel Sativa: Ang guild name na "Troiz Desolei" ay galing sa member ko na si Madapaka Pakshet Sativa. Nung run ko umuulan ng Trash Talk sa both sides. Sabi nila yun daw ang pinaka excited na GOM na nangyari, dahil daw sa dami ng nakaaway at nakalaban ko. To be exact ang meaning ng guild namin ay "Three Sorry" mayabang man sabihin pero yan talaga.

Primo: Did you have a hard time ranking your guild for GOM night?
EL Angel Sativa: Nung una naisip ko if irurun ko baka wala akong makuhang suporta, dahil 3months pa lang kami sa Alde. Pero nagulat ako sa PM's at Chat sakin ng mga ka guild ko. "Bruce, Papa P, Jed" Sabi nila RAK lang Snoopt kami bahala sayo. Di ko inexpect na 1st day up to last ng run ko hindi ako nawawalan ng members, kaya hindi naging ganun kahirap magpa rank.

Primo: Any thanks to your friends who made the impossible possible?
EL Angel Sativa: Pasasalamatan ko muli, lahat ng friend ko. Sa Alde, Chubibo n laging nanjan isang pm lang RAK agad. Sa Team Yuno kay Bash, Admin at Weber. Kay Renzo, Bruce, Papa Pa at Hedron. Kay Maldita na nag ayos ng lahat at sa Team ko na di ako iniwan Akatsuki at UP Trio, at sa Sativa na SOLID pa rin hanggang ngayon. Maraming Salamat mga Tropa!

Primo: Any words of encouragement to aspiring guild masters?
EL Angel Sativa: Gusto ko lang sabihin na kung kinaya ko, kaya nyo rin. Ang pagiging GM ay pag buo ng samahan. Kung hindi mo kaya pakisamahan ang members mo, kung hindi mo kayang ituring na kapatid ang mga members mo, Wala tayong patutunguhan. Hindi ka magiging GM kung wala kang tunay na members. Payo ko rin magkaron ng plan every WOE, mag-usap or any para maging Synchronize ang galawan. Maging leader ka sa puso at wag lang sa isip. Hayaan mo ang mga members mo sa ikasasaya nila.

Primo: Give me a quote that best describe your guild and its members.
EL Angel Sativa: Our way is unplanned and our path is unknown. Yet our journey is made whole, when we travel as one. Salamat mga TROPA!

And the most eventful of the night ended with a glorious battle in favor of the guild from Yuno. They showed determination in the face of all odds. Congratulations to GM EL Angel Sativa and his comrades,Troiz Desolei, for being the July 2013 Guild of the Month champions. May you inspire more and may fate guide your journey towards the future. flag.gif 


by: JAYded and xPRIMOx




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“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”


-Steve Maraboli

Who is lFaust PiLyo? 

lFaust PiLyo also known as Nurse PiLyo is the guy who led the Resilient guild to claim the GOM title for the month of August 2013. For all of you to know, he is not really from the midst of Alde Baran but from Right Prontera and Alberta. 

"Mabait ako sa mabait sakin, pero mas gago ako sayo kung gagaguhin mo ko"

Resilient's Road to Guild of the Month

Inspired by his comrades to run for GOM, he sought the help of his friends to help him make his way to the top guild. He never actually wanted to do so because he was afraid that he might fail for some reasons and that he was too busy to take care of things but they insist that he would be they're candidate for GOM this Month.

A D R i E L L E : What made you decide about naming your guild as "Resilient?

lFaust PiLyo: Resilient kase, reflection ng maraming experiences ko/namin as a player dito sa myro. Maraming instances na maraming problema pero imbis na mabuwag kami, tumatatag pa kami lalo, kumbaga we faced a lot of break points, still buo pa rin kami.

Striving to reach the top, Resilient viciously devastated every single one of their opponents, leaving them weeping on the ground. As days passed, they were already able to claim the number one spot with the help of their ally. But reaching the top was not really easy for them, as they faced a lot of opponents with the same level of game play. Still, they managed to out smart them by rebuilding their strategies and countering every move that the other guilds make. After a month of defending their territory, they emerged as the top 1 guild for the month thus automatically putting their slot in the finals.

Judgement Day

Having the instant final spot in the Guild of The Month event, lFaust PiLyo was only just a few steps away from taking home the title of GOM for August 2013. They were up against their rival last month, the people of Left Prontera. Facing them again this month was a not a surprise for Resilient because they know that Left Prontera is one of the strong guilds around.

The start of the first round, Resilient overpowered their opponent and slowly crushed them. At every succeeding round, their opponent tried countering all their strategies but even when they tried doing so, they were still crushed into pieces. Resilient didn't show any mercy to them. They just dominated the whole match, never giving any chance for G r e e D to strike back.

Taking Home The Crown

Resilient silenced G r e e D to a score of 3-0. lFaust PiLyo took home another Blue Burning Helm for Alde Baran as a sign of gratitude to them for helping him reach the top. The mighty town of Alde Baran has added another Blue Burning Helm to their collection.

Message of Thanks for his friends

lFaust PiLyo: Unang una para sa kanila lahat tong run ko. Flattering kasi ako talaga gusto nila tumakbo, kahit na sinabi ko sakanila na hindi ko maasikaso yung guild, pero pinilit tlga nila ako. Una sa mga gusto kong pasalamatan eh yung mga tropa ko dito sa alde formerly chubibo, Marko, Andre, Yaj, Dan at isa pa si Chadfellas. Kundi dahil sa mga kumag na yan walang takbong magaganap. Salamat din kay Deanne, punong abala sa woe at GOM, sa mga pilot ko kay Chad, Thor, Marko at kay Tropa Snoopt. Sa mga allies, Amatsu, Carnage at RP. Tska sa lahat ng active nung WOE, at naglaro nung GOM. Special mention nlng sina ate Gab, Rian, Void, Bash, pareng titz, buddy, cha, yuqi, stall, bruce, jed, jims, prima, papa p. In general, sa lahat ng tga Alde, Yuno, Sativa, Amatsu, Carnage at RP. Hindi ko na kayo maiisa isa kase ang dami nyo RO-heh.gif


"There is no wrong timing in doing the right thing."


- lFaust PiLyo
by: A D R i E L L E


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