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Be sure to be online! From 5 points to 10 points every hour!

Promotion will run until Sunday, April 16, 2017.



This is also in preparation for the soon to be released New Items from Points! This is to help players speed up points gathering before the scheduled reset this June 2017!



We are already brewing some new Items to be released for the Vote Points and Online Points Rewards! We shall reset both Vote Points and Online Points this coming June 2017 to give way for these new items. This is enough time for everyone to still catch up on needed points for their target items before the points reset. Please consume all your POINTS before the said date. The Points Reset is mandatory to avoid multiple account hording of points.



Learn more about the points systems here: http://onlinepoints.myroserver.com

Learn more about voting, read: http://vote.myroserver.com




Online Points Rewards!



Aint it cool to earn while you are online? You are in luck because we now have the Online Points Rewards!!!






Each hour that you are online will earn you 5 Online Points even while AFK! These points are accumulating in your account which can be exchanged for Cool Stuff at the Online Points Exchanger NPC at MOA (144,119).



Upon log in, your Online Points will be indicated in your Main Chat Window.




Five (5) online points will be added for every hour you are online.







  • Each hour you are online earns you additional 5 Online Points for your account automatically.
  • Vending characters does not earn Online Points.
  • Autotrade accounts will not earn Online Points.
  • Characters in Buying Store mode will not earn Online Points. (implemented)
  • Do not wear Tuxedo/Wedding Dress while AFK.
  • You can still earn Online Points even while AFK.
  • There will be a "grace period" of 5 minutes to allow you to recon, disconnect or change character while not affecting the online timers.
  • Exchange these Online Points at the Online Points Exchanger NPC at MOA 144,119.
  • Know how many points you currently have by visiting the Online Points Exchanger NPC at MOA 144,119.






  • Keep in mind that while in Dual Login, the account that is not often checked gets disconnected after a few minutes. This is the default behavior of Ragnarok.
  • All items from the Online Points Exchanger NPC are NON-TRADABLE to avoid exploits on multiple account owners.
  • Items obtained are NOT rental, they will be yours for life. :) (except boxes when opened)





Awesome Items up for grabs:



(more to be added soon!)



Another great innovation to help players gather awesome items for better and more enjoyable gaming experience only at MyRO!!!




Get back to this post through the link: www.onlinepoints.myroserver.com




Mabuhay MyRO!!! /flag

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