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MyRO Newsletter Issue No. 21

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MyRO Newsletter


Issue for September 2017




Angel | MyRO Writers Pool Division


Welcome back to Angel's Divine Scriptures! Let me make myself clear. This story is in the modern era, like, now. 20th Century. This is not in the medieval era even though I said on Chapter 1, that it was a long time ago. Nag time-travel po siya bago siya nag land sa Lotus. Hahaha. Salamat sa pagbabasa!


Chapter 2


Uriel woke up and immediately looked around, wondering where he was. He suddenly remembered that the Gods sent him for a mission, also thinking that everything that has happened yesterday was just a dream, but unfortunately, it's not. He looked around, saw Kean flexing his arms. Uriel stood up, stretched his body and greeted Kean with a good morning.


"Good morning, Kean! How's your sleep?" Uriel asked. 


"T'was great! I didn't expect that I can have enough sleep when someone is with me." Kean replied. 


"So you really were alone all the time? How did you managed to keep yourself busy? With this house so big?" Uriel asked while scratching his back. 


"I didn't know. I'll just do something, like the usual things that I do everyday then time will just pass by then voila!" Kean replied with a wink. 


"What if we go out later, have breakfast or something? Show me around in this city too!" Uriel said with a hint of enthusiasm. 


"Sure!" replied Kean with excitement. 




It was 8 o'clock in the morning when they decided to dress up. Since Uriel does not have any necessities, Kean lend Uriel some of his clothes that he was not using anymore, and fortunately, all of it fitted Uriel's body. Uriel wore a dark green shirt beneath a mint-green colored sweater. "Kean loves every shade of green." Uriel thought while fixing himself in front of the mirror. He reached for the dark-colored slacks, socks, and black leather shoes in his bed, wore it and stared at himself in the mirror, and whispered, "Lovely.". 


Uriel went out of the house, fascinated by the view. Flowers are all around. The aroma was alluring. But his daydream ended when Kean snapped his hand in front of his face, and shouted his name. 

"Uriel! Were you spacing out?" Kean asked while wiggling his eyebrows. 


"Nope, I'm just amazed with the view. Flowers are everywhere! It relaxes my eyes!" Uriel replied while breathing in the fragrance from the flowers that is brought by the cold wind. 


"Alright! Then, how do I look? Do I look handsome?" Kean asked then turned around. 


"You look good! I didn't know that you were this handsome! Haha! Your clothes suits you well!" Uriel said, complimenting Kean. 


Kean was wearing a beret, a navy-blue polo long sleeves, khaki shorts and a topsider shoes. 

"Shall we go then?" Kean said and started walking. 


"Alright! Hey, wait for me!" Uriel shouted while catching Kean's pace. 





Kean dragged Uriel to a Pancake House, and had their breakfast there. After eating, they decided to stay for a while, then Kean bombarded Uriel with questions. 


"Hey, Uriel." Kean called Uriel's attention while spinning the fork in his hands.


"Hmm?" Uriel answered while staring at Kean.


"How old are you, by the way? Where are your parents? Why are you lurking outside yesterday?" said Kean. 


"Uhh, I'm 17 years old. The succeeding questions, I cannot answer those. Sorry." Uriel answered while smiling faintly. 


"Oh. It's alright. I'm sorry. Sorry for asking those, I hope I did not make you feel bad." Kean said with a sad tone, but still managed to smile.  "Let's go to our next destination. Shall we?" 






To be continued next issue~   /flag

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Shei | MyRO Writers Pool Division


Yokoso! Irasshaimase! Welcome to Shei’s Wonderland, where drinks and foods are free flowing, I mean knowledge and jokes are free flowing. Make sure to have your popcorns ready as I present different ramblings in my corner!  Before anything else, let me just note to you guys that some may be applicable to your daily life, while others… well… erm… you decide.




With the end of the Ghost Month comes the second grandest festival in China after the Chinese New Year. This is none other than the Mid-Autumn Festival a.k.a. Mooncake festival which falls on the 15th of August of the Lunar Calendar. It is said that this is the day when the moon is at its roundest and brightest in the whole year!




As we all know, almost all Chinese festival has a related story or legend to it, so what’s behind this day? There are actually two tales to tell:


In the ancient past, there was a hero named Hou Yi who was excellent at archery. His wife was Chang'e. One year, the ten suns rose in the sky together, causing great disaster to people. Yi shot down nine of the suns and left only one to provide light. After doing this, he was pronounced king by the people. However, he soon became a conceited and tyrannical. In order to live long without death, he asked for the elixir from Xiwangmu. But his wife, Chang-E, stole it on the fifteenth of August because she did not want the cruel king to live long and hurt more people. She took the magic potion to prevent her husband from becoming immortal. Hou Yi was so angry when discovered that Chang-E took the elixir, he shot at his wife as she flew toward the moon, though he missed. Chang-E fled to the moon and became the spirit of the moon. Houyi died soon because he was overcome with great anger. Thereafter, people offer a sacrifice to Chang-E on every lunar fifteenth of August to commemorate Chang-E’s action.


Another legend states that paper messages inside of mooncakes were used as a way to organize the exact date of a coup against the ruling Mongols during the Yuan Dynasty. The Mongols were overthrown on the night of the Moon Festival. Although this legend seems a little more plausible than a goddess living on the moon, little historical evidence suggests that this is how the Mongols were defeated.





If tikoys are in demand during January while chocolates and flowers in February, Mooncakes are the “in” thing in the market during this time of the month. A well-known game being played to celebrate this season is Pua Tiong Chiu or the Mooncake Festival Dice Game. This game requires 6 pieces of dice and a wide mouth bowl. The first player is assigned and throws the dice. The player will then be awarded with a specific prize depending on the dice combination. The dice is then passed to the next person, and this process is repeated until there are no prizes left. A player loses its turn if one of the dice lands outside of the bowl.


Here is the summary of the combination and the prizes.

Attached File  Puationg.jpg   121.52KB   0 downloads


Well guys, I hope you got a thing or two in my corner and hopefully, we can have a dice festival the myRO way.

See You Next Illusion~

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