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MyROdroid Update Version 1.95!

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MyROdroid Updates 10/02/2017



We have released the new MyROdroid Version 1.95!



GET IT HERE: MyROdroid1.95

Just install to your Android Device and overwrite.


Post problems here: http://myroforums.co...ndroid-support/





- Fixed transparency problems 
- Ability to drag NPC dialog
- Experimental support for Ragexes up to 2017-06-28bRagexeRE

- Darker login background, for better UI elements visibility
- Fixed HTTP files download resume feature

- Support for GZIP compression in HTTP files download

- Experimental support of setting up custom resource file HTTP server for server owners
- Critical attack display support
- Login background support

v184 ~ v186 
- Item random options support
- Robe sprite view support 
- Fixed crash when loading dali/dali02 maps
- Stability improvements

- Corrrupted resources will now act as not found and fall back to dummy resources, if possible (previously crashed app)
- Other stability improvements
- Fixed iRO quest interface

v180, v181, v182 
- Fixed some mob attack sounds not being played
- Fixed pet/hom feed crash on some servers
- Fixed iRO character creation
- Fixed parsing of some Thor files
- Fixed palettes for servers with langtype = 0
- Fixed "character creation failed" wrong error messages 
- Fixed pings not being sent during map load, resulting in disconnects for slow downloading users
- Improved Neoncube patcher stability
- Slightly faster app loading time
- Other stability improvements



Dito sa MyRO no Autopots, No Autoclickers, No no-delays, No Tools, No Cheats, No Macro, No Bots, No WPE pa! We are proud to say that we are one of the first to have this kind of anti-cheat innovation. Ngayon ang MyRO nasa Andriod na! San ka pa! Dito na sa matibay! MyRO na!
ANDROID DOWNLOAD: www.android.myroserver.com
Mabuhay MyRO!!! /flag /no1


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