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Grand Slam Rule

grandslam grand slam

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Grand Slam: A series of 3 consecutive championship wins for a sport or tournament.


A Savepoint/Team/Individual who won 3 consecutive championships for GOM or PK and with the same line up for MWM shall be crowned as the GRAND SLAM WINNING SAVEPOINT/GUILD/TEAM/INDIVIDUAL. Rejoice!.. as the champs will be awarded double the prizes for the particular major event for being held as the triumphant GRAND SLAM WINNER! However, they shall be excluded from joining the 4th month competitions and will be given a one month rest. They will be permitted to join and compete again after this "rest moth".

IMPORTANT:Changing Character/Changing Name/Changing Account to be able to secretly participate is prohibited while being held as a Grand Slam Winner for that same event. Everything is checked, we will know your IPs, PC used, account GID and origins. Whenever confirmed, will mean an automatic DISQUALIFICATION of the Party/Team/Individual.

For MWM, it will be enforced on the Savepoint/War Team and each member "as a player" though they can join normal war events on other days but not a MWM Event during this period whether scoring or championship night.
(-5 points per night if a GS player participates in Scoring night. The violating team is disqualified that particular night and whoever preceeds them will rank up to replace them on the standings.) Note: 1st, 2nd and 3rd time winning members included/bounded in the GS rule. (New as of December 16, 2016).

For GOM, it applies to the Savepoint/Guild but members can rejoin other Savepoints/Guilds.
For Top Breaking Guild and Top Breaker, it applies to the Savepoint/Guild/Guild Master/Breaker but other members can rejoin other Savepoints/Guilds.

It is imposed on the specific winner for the No1PK.

In other words, Grand Slam Winners are prohibited to join the MWM for 3rd jobs, if they are the current Grandslam Title Holderfor 3rds. This goes for Trans MWM as well if they won Grand Slam on MWM Trans, regardless if it's scoring night or main event. The following month after their Grand Slam win is considered as their "rest month".

The purpose of this new guideline is to distrubute War Event winning experiences and equality to other teams and fellow players who have less exposures, to give everyone a chance to experience the excitement of events and encourage players to more actively participate as well as form teams of their own.

NOTICE: We shall check everything and we will know your Account GID and IP. Failure to abide by this Rule will mean an automatic disqualification by the Team/Guild or Individual (for No1PK) and may even result to the banning of the implicated account(s) if done intentionally.

May this new rule be able to fuel players' interests on these Major Events and give them the yearning to join the Fun and Excitement in the World of MyRO!


You can get back to this post throught the link : www.grandslam.myroserver.com

Game ON! RO-gg.gif

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