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directx10.bin & Anti-Virus Errors Solution

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If using an Anti-Virus, you may have been experiencing problems in your directx10.bin or 16888.exe or Gepard.dll files. 

Basically what happened was your anti-virus blocked the 16888 file from launching and maybe deleted some files  automatically depending on your anti-virus settings. Recent patches of most anti-virus programs get these false detections lately. Perhaps because our launcher connects to another IP hosting our Anti-Bot/WPE before connecting to our own IP and maybe this was mistaken for a virus activity thus disabling our launcher. I have already written anti-virus devs about this mistake.

So what you should do is to put the whole ragnarok or MyRO folder in the "ingore list" or "exceptions list" or "exclusions list" of your anti-virus to keep it from blocking launches in the future. It will also prevent files deletion by your antivirus. Different programs have different ways of doing this. Mostly its under the "advanced settings". You may search the web for guides for your specific anti-virus.

Now since your anti-virus may have already deleted some files, just reinstall our installer for the missing files to be replaced. Only do this once you have done the ignore list. All will be well after this.

We have been receiving reports of this sort from players using AviraAVG v10 and some others.

Do not forget to do this again after reinstallation:



4. IMPORTANT FOR VISTA/WIN7 OS USERS: Find the file "16888.exe" inside your Ragnarok Folder on where you have installed MyRO  to. Right click > Properties > Compatibility Tab > Check "Run As Administrator" and "Run this program in compatibility mode for (Windows XP SP3).

5. Repeat #4 on "Play MyRO.exe" and "Setup.exe" files.

6. For Windows 8/10 users click here for the guide on how to do the compatibility settings like above.
7. Launch the game by clicking "Play MyRO!" which was automatically created in your desktop from this installation. It may patch if patches are available. Then click "START" to launch MyRO. (Always use this patcher when playing)

Adding to Exclusions List for AVG Anti-Virus Version 10:

1. Double click the AVG Icon, bottom right.
2. Double click Resident Shield.
3. Click Manage Exceptions.
4. Click Add Path.
5. Find where your Ragnarok Folder is.
6. Click OK then Apply.
7. All set!

Adding to Exceptions List for Avira Anti-Virus:

Watch this Video(Youtube).

Adding to Exclusions List for Esset Smart Security Antivirus:

1. Launch the anti-virus window
2. Click the "Setup" Tab on the upper right hand corner of the window.
3. A drop-down menu will appear, click "Antivirus and Antispyware".
4. Click the "Edit Exclusions" on one of the clickable menus.
5. Another window will appear, Click "Add" and find the path of your Ragnarok/MyRO folder. Example: "C:\Program Files\Gravity\(Your Ragnarok Folder)" .... or where your Ragnarok with MyRO is actually installed.
6. Add the whole folder of your Ragnarok/MyRO to be excluded from the antivirus scanning.
7. Click "Ok" to finalize the path you have chosen.
8. Click "Ok" again to finalize your settings.
9. You will be returned to your antivirus menu page then click "X".
10. Restart computer. Run MyRO, Enjoy!


I, Admin, guarantees that all MyRO Files and Installers are free from any form of real malware, spyware or virus just as long as you download everything from our site www.myro.tk, downloads page to be secured. It is just that the directx10.bin and 16888 files contains our Anti-WPE/BOT protection program which AVG (and maybe some other anti-virus) falsely read as a virus activity which obviously is not.

PS: I also have already written to AVG Anti-Virus about this problem. 
C:  * Admin *


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