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Navi's CI GX Guide for PvP, No hate = Me <3

cross impact ci gx pvp duel

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This work is not my own. This guide was made by Navi.





Simple guide for Cross impact Guillotine Cross


- High damage capabilities.
- Decent disabling skills.
- Decent tank capabilities.


- Extremely difficult if you go against more than 1 opponent.
- A Lot of switching.
- Will take time to master.

Lets start with item I'll separate FG and NPC items

Fully Geared Items

Top Headgears : POT , RBH , WHH , EMG , GMG , SBH , SHO
Cards : Seyren , Giearth , Giant Hornet , Leaf Cat

Mid Headgears : BFG , MOG , HOR , MOI
Cards : Seyren , Vanberk , Giearth , Giant Hornet , Leaf Cat

Low Headgears : SPD , PD , Spare , GP
Cards : Kiel , Maya Purple , Vanberk , Giearth , Giant Hornet , Leaf Cat

Armors : Assassin Robe , D.Armor , VA , Tunic , Fire armor
Cards : Tao Gunka , GR , Pasana
Tao Gunka armor : use this when your up against a fellow CI GX , Spiral RKs, Battle RGs
GR armor : this is to counter Hellplant.
Pasana Card or Fire Armor : to counter Dragon Breath
Tunic : Bes used against and Sling Genetics and Shuras its best combo is with Silf and sho or sbh 93% Redux on Neutral attacks such as Asura, GOH , Sling item , Acid Demonstration

Garments : Silf, G.mant , Proxy
Cards : Deviling, Myst , Dustiness , Hode

Shoes : Variant , Battle Greaves
Cards : Martyr , Antique Firelock , Green Ferus

Shield : CSD , Cranial VS , GTB guard
Note : i always have my shield on then just switch to dagger if i want to use CI then switch back to dagger afterwards.

Acces : MEGS , Foot Ring , Briss

Right Hand Weapons : G.Glad , NSR , NSB , Assassins Damascus
Cards:  TG , Hydra , Skel Worker

Note : I prefer swords for my right hand such as NSR or NSB why? because of the size reduction on daggers please refer to this link for better understanding of size reduction :  http://ratemyserver....misc_table_size
Why only the Right Hand you ask? because size reduction only effects the weapon on the right hand. So using daggers on your left hand gives you more ASPD correct me if I'm wrong ok? but WAIT THERES MORE WHY AM I USING CHEAP ASS DAGGERS FOR MY LEFT HAND NOT DESSERT WIND or +20 BLADE!!! :OOOOO

The answer is SIMPLE!!! what your atk stat is showing you on you status window is a lie!!!

why is it a lie? well i experimented with weapons and such for my left hand weapon
and i found out that not matter how much ATK i have from my left hand weapon its always going to be the same damage as any other weapon with four slotted weapon it applies with DD and CI so basically your left hand weapons ATK isn't added to your damage at all. I don't know if its a bug or not but yea its been like that  /...

I used.
+13NSR with +0MG = 2 tg 2 hydra 2 skel vs +13NSR with +16Mes = 2 tg 2 hydra 2 skel
I ended up with the same damage with CI and Normal attacks /...

So lets move on to our left handed weapons shall we?

Left Hand Weapons : MG , Cutter , Knife

MG cards : Phreeoni , Hydra , TG , Incan
Use this against : Rangers , Mins , Tunic Shuras this will be your main weapon if the target is using HR switch to Cutter ASAP.

Cutter cards : Phreeoni , Hydra , TG , Skel Worker
Use this against : This one is for HR armor users and GOH type Shuras right after they CC and start casting GOH <3

Knife Cards : TG , Hydra , Skel Worker , Thana
Use this against : Devo Royal Guards make sure your equipped with HR armor before you CI this bad boys or else the reflect will kill you basically this is good for one shot killing high VIT chars.

Stat Build

STR : 200 - 240
Agi : Enough to for 181 Aspd
Vit : 80 to 120
Dex : Enough for 400 Hit
luk : 30 to 70 why? every 5 luk = 1 atk

Skill Guide

Cross Impact - Strikes a single target rapidly for 7 hits.
1 - 1200% ATK
2 - 1250% ATK
3 - 1300% ATK
4 - 1350% ATK
5 - 1400% ATK

Comment : Your Bread N' Butter mm-mm yum.

Dark Illusion - Rapidly closes the distance to a target and deals damage. Has a low chance to trigger Cross Impact.
1 - 100% ATK, Range 3 Cells
2 - 100% ATK, Range 4 Cells
3 - 100% ATK, Range 5 Cells
4 - 100% ATK, Range 6 Cells
5 - 100% ATK, Range 7 Cells

Comment : one of my favorite skills use this skill to get close and dirty to CI your target or target some random player if your cornered and cant use Backslide to get the fuck out.

Poisoning Weapon - Coats your weapon with one of the Guillotine Cross poisons. While attacking there is a chance to poison the target with the selected poison.

1 - Poisoning Rate 4%
2 - Poisoning Rate 6%
3 - Poisoning Rate 8%
4 - Poisoning Rate 10%
5 - Poisoning Rate 12%

Note : You can stack 3 different poisons on one target <3

Main Poisons

 - Oblivion Curse : A poison that causes loss of memory.
For 300 seconds causes the target to suffer from amnesia. While in amnesia it blocks natural SP recovery, and cannot be canceled via lex divinia or green potion.
While in this status you cannot use any skills.

Note: High Int classes are immune to this poison or High Int Players :( </3

 - Leech End : A poison created with leeches.
For 300 seconds, drains HP every second.

 - Venom Bleed : A poison that lowers the strength of a person.
For 15 seconds, reduces MaxHP by 15%

 - Paralyze : A paralyzing poison.
For 300 seconds, decreases attack speed by -10%, evasion -10%, and movement speed by 1/2.

 Try and experiment with different kinds of poison combination's for the best results for each class you face.

Venom Pressure - While your weapon is enchanted with Poisoning Weapon there's a very high chance to inflict the endowed poison on the target. When used, you lose the poisoning weapon status
Comment : awesome!!!

Poison Smoke - While your weapon is enchanted with Poisoning Weapon, you create a poisoning cloud in a 5x5 area. Every second there's a 20% chance to inflict that poison on the target. When used, you lose the poisoning weapon status. Range 5 cells
Comment : Use this skill on parties or when facing 2hander RK that spam SP like hell with ER set and tegron get them close enough then use it with Oblivion Curse Poison and PROCEED to kill /gg.

Enchant Poison : Gives equipped weapons the Poison property.
Note : Poison property attacks miss if your opponent is uses undead property armor so be sure to have a converter ready when he does use undead property.

Backslide : Moves you backwards 5 cells (depends on the direction you are facing).
Note : Master this skill you will be untouchable  :ph43r:

To Be Continued


Damage Calculations
Target Details

Stats & Resistance

DEF -1 + 150
-10% Demi Redux Head gear
-30% Demi Redux Shield
no garment
no shoes
HR armor

Blade ATK 869 + 28
NSR 976 + 91

Results without Venom Impress and Enchant Poison

Using Wind Element
Weapon Cards = 3 tg 2 hydra 2 skel 1 phreeoni

180 str

+14 Blade 4.7 to 4.9
+13 NSR 4.9 to 5k

200 str

+13 NSR 5.4 to 5.6
+14 Blade 5.4 to 5.5

220 str

+14 Blade 6202 to 6269
+13 NSR 6235 to 6299

With Venom Impress and Enchant Poison

180 Str

+14 Blade 7.1k to 7.2k
+13 NSR 7.4k to 7.5k

200 str

+14 Blade 8.2k to 8.3k
+13 NSR 8.4 to 8.5k

220 str

+14 Blade 9295k to 9364k
+13 NSR 9220k to 9410k

so as far as damage i see nsr is far superior than over up blade
but please dont take my word for it try your own damage calculations





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Too many abbrevs on items that I'm not familiar with. I'm sorry please understand :(




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help on abbreviations please thanks, Helpful guide




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Very helpful guide. thank you sir! /no1  /no1  /no1


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